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3.08 - "Solid" 

It was a moment before the storm hit the mountain, but at the same time, the moment of absulute tranquility. Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Dolomites.
To get this shot I had to hike for about 1h up the mountain trail. The weather was getting worse by the minute, but I waited in hope that I will get special shot. Just I was ready to give up, sun pierced the heavy clouds and created this magical moment. After 10 mor minutes rain started to pour down and I was soaking wet, but it was worth it.

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Francisco B's picture

That drop to the left really ties the shot together, fantastic.

Nick B's picture

Very nice. I'd either have removed the hiker in photoshop though, or highlighted him/her. As is, you only notice him later, and his head is cut off by shadows. Without this it's a 4 for me, nice one..

Osman Merdan's picture

I loved this shot ! You can improve this shot I think. Contrast seems to be little off. Especially on the right bottom side of the image there is only low end of mid tones and blacks. The person on the road can add image a lot but the person in the shadow area.

Francisco B's picture

The lighting is midrangy and has few highs, relatively subdued in general, and I think it works for this shot. Though I agree that the bottom right hand side could benefit from punching up the brightness a couple of hairs. You could also go the opposite way and use an aggressive shadow adjustment making the right side of the photo even darker to make this shot more dramatic by increasing overall contrast. It all comes down to what emotion u want from this shot.

Karmen Jesenko's picture

Thank you for all yours suggestons. It's realy helpful!

Ross Thayer's picture

Very nice image!!!!!!! Nice processing as well!!!!!