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1.42 - "Snap Shot" 

Welcome to the Age of Iron and cooked foods. Just a little bit of color correction to make the pancake more appetizing. All the sizzle bubbles around the pancake were meant to inject the action of "cooking on iron" into the photo.

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Sef Herrera's picture

too dark, too vague for me.

I agree it was too dark- looked bright when I was working on it, posted, and thought "ouch". Any ideas on how to better feature the cast iron to make it more clear?

Elizabeth Yorick's picture

I would have liked it better if it was cooking over an outdoor fire maybe?

Agree fire would have been appropriate. No open fires where I live in a condo, so that drove zooming in tight on the pancake and pan which unfortunately may have led to some of @Sef's confusion.

@sef, agree it was too dark- looked bright when I was working on it, posted, and thought "ouch". Any ideas on how to better feature the cast iron to make it more clear?

Ruth Carll's picture

I like this the way it is. I like the detailless black background. I think it has low votes partly because it isn't a solid match for the theme. That said, here are some thoughts about your question.

So a lot of people here are pros but I am not and I am guessing you are like me. If these suggestion sound too basic, they are just meant to help in case you are in the same place I am - shooting in your kitchen without special equipment and learning your camera. I sincerely do not intend to offend if you already know these things. When I am having trouble getting what want from a shot, I put off that goal and take some time experimenting by changing the settings on my camera one setting at a time and see what I get. Look at what you get after each shot. It will help you get off auto and to learn the camera better. When you get comfortable making adjustments to overcome issues like a dark cast iron pan, you will be so much more successful. For this shot, try setting your metering to scene and see what happens. Then step up your ISO, checking each time or the +/- one or two steps. Then aperture, then shutter speed,... You get the point. You will hone in on your goal of detail in the cast iron and learn more about your camera. Best wishes!

Thank you for your thoughtful and considerate feedback Ruth. I think while overall it was a bit too dark, the cast iron itself, with too much detail visible would detract from the pancake. This is on the road to what I'd like, just not quite there. I take the themes as open to interpretation- and it seems perhaps I have the minority view there. Best wishes to you as well.

Jeff McCollough's picture

What does this have to do with the topic?

Jeff, I took the view that technology is broadly defined as inventions that have helped mankind. The development of iron cookware, and the idea of actually cooking food were two big steps forward.

Bobby Wood's picture

How does this say photography, really people COME ONNNNNN!