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2.6 - "Solid" 

Taken at Sonoma Raceway during the Blancpain GT race earlier this year. Fujifilm X-H1 with 50-140mm and a 3 stop ND to let me slow down the shutter speed for a nice panning shot while keeping the aperture more open.

EDIT: Corrected 6-stop to 3-stop.

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Chase Hirt's picture

Very nice!

Lukasz J's picture

Really good panning shot. What was the aperture of this one? I'm surprised you need to use 6stop ND.

Allen S's picture

Whoops, you're right! I have a 6-stop for all of my other lenses, but only a 3-stop for this one. To get the shutter speed low enough without ND, I'd usually have to be at ~f22 or so, and I really don't like the photos I usually get from that as the parts that should be sharp are soft from diffraction even if I manage to get the pan right, and the background ends up really busy and distracting from the deep depth of field. I like the 6 stops because then I can pan like this and shoot at f2.8 or f4 and keep the foreground and background a little cleaner.

In any case, this one was at f11 and 1/50s.