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1.56 - "Needs Work" 

My bike through the eye of my daughter - reprise.

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Ian Luyten's picture

I would love to see images of the people rating this one 'snapshot''

Mikael Strøm-Pedersen's picture

There clearly was some thought put into this picture, so it isn't a snapshot. but it could use some work.

Ian Luyten's picture

Could you elaborate on what you would like to be improved ? Always keen to learn !

Mikael Strøm-Pedersen's picture

It's underexposed, I think that if it was a little brighter (and the whites actually were white) you could probably see the bike better, and it's a tiny bit out of focus.

Troy Straub's picture

Interesting shot, but I'm having a hard time deciding exactly what I'm looking at. I think it's a reflection in her eye, but it's hard to see any of the eye, just shadows of lashes. I think it would be better if I could see some of the face in the shot. But then it becomes even less of an automotive shot. I's already kind of borderline, and that may be part of the low rating. Also I wish the lashes were not overlapping the handlebars.

Ian Luyten's picture

Ah, this is a constructive comment I can do something with :-) .
It's indeed a reflection in her eye, it was very hard not to be part of the reflection myself - as is the case in my first attempt. I needed to crop really aggressive, because otherwise you wouldn't even see / recognise the bike.
A bit experimental ...
Not sure if I should do a 3th and last attempt on this or just let it rest ...

Troy Straub's picture

Keep trying I think there could be a cool shot here, but it's not going to be easy to get.

Sergey Koveshnikov's picture

I get the idea of the shot easily, but still cant get what you really want to show/tell with this image. If it's about the girl - i can see only some part of eyelashes, if it's about the bike - because of underexposing and blurriness i don't even sure what model is this.
Sorry, but coudn't give your shot more than "needs work"

Ian Luyten's picture

I'm ok with that, at least I know why now.
I'm about to post an updated version which, I hope, addresses most points of critique. However it is a very hard shot to get right (for me at least).

And it's actually about the bike seen through the eyes of the girl, who actually couldn't care less about the model ;-)