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2.66 - "Solid" 

A blue hour blend of Oregon wildflowers and the Milky Way (taken from the same location) aligned with where it would have risen that evening. The blooms were this year and I have been eagerly awaiting the next to capture more.

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I like this image, however I would like the flowers to pop a bit more. Not too much so that it looks unnatural, but just a little more.

Thank you for the feedback Marcus. I see that too and think maybe a grad filter with boosted highlights might make them pop more.

Very cool. I agree with making the foreground pop a bit more (at least for this contest?)... But also relate to not thinking of all the variables in the moment, so can't complain too much.

Do you mind revealing where this is taken? (I'm in Portland/Hillsboro, so might want to star it on my map of cool locations?) :)

Thank you Eric I appreciate the honest feedback and agree especially for this contest.

I will tell you it is in the Columbia River Gorge but that is all I can say. I keep certain locations to myself as part of the best thing about photography is discovering hidden gems that everyone overlooks.

I can respect that; definitely agree. :)