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3.37 - "Solid" 

Zinnia flowers taken in a heavy rainstorm. Foreground zinnia is out of focus and is damaged from the storm. Moment captures a drop from the background flower passing thru the missing petals of the foreground flower.

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Great shot! Do you mind sharing how you lit this in a heavy storm?

Thank you for the kind works, much appreciated..

I took the shot standing on my front porch shooing out into the zinnia patch; these are 5ft tall zinnias. Really fast shutter speed and high(ish) iso... and in post, a lot of noise clean up. I must have taken a hundred shots with only really this one worth processing; due to the extra raindrop in the middle.

So I assume it was not strobbed, right?

No strobe, all natural light with a Dodge, Levels and Exposure adjustments in post.

Which introduced even more noise. It was a fairly big process to get it back to usable.

(Sorry about that, I should have added that to my above description and/or response)

Wow, I would have thought this was strobed to get the drops like that. Thanks for sharing!

You're welcome. Yeah I dodged the peanuts out of a few of those raindrops and water on the petals.. heh :)

Well it worked out nicely!