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2.26 - "Needs Work" 

impression of flowers in woodland

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I gave it 4 stars. I would like to see what critique the 2 star voters have. This is clearly an art piece.

Its a bit out there for the title of the contest , but i think it fits Dan

Most definitely

Ah, Dan baited me. :)

I rated it '2' but wanted to explain why... I'm a large fan of the deliberate motion-blur through long expo or deliberate camera movement, such as this. And, generally, I find it quite nice.

For me, I think a longer motion, to obtain more abstractness would have worked better. Or at least would be nice to compare. For me the details are "enough" to make me want to see them, but then I'm a bit frustrated because they aren't sharp.

Of course it's subjective, but that's my immediate impression and what I would have liked to try for comparison. Hope thah helps and isn't too negative.

Thanks Eric i see your point , i feel it losses something if you cant recognise the subject , but like you say its all subjective

I agree with Dan, but if it was going to be this well done motion blur, I'd bring up the saturation on the flowers to make it pop.

i like this technique and this is lovely, but I feel a stronger edit would be need to push it to a 4 for me, but soooo close.

I gave you four stars for your photo. It has pleasant colors and it is easy to find out what environment it is taken in.
I also gave a thumbs up for Eric Wilson's comment. His comment gives you a good start to develop more as a photographer and it pays to listen to him to find new alternatives to this image.

Hi Victor - I'm new to the community & saw the comments here and thought I could offer my own opinion for a lower rating - this is an interesting image but I wish it were pushed either further or dialed back - I am having some trouble distinguishing the plant life in the shot, but there is also this whimsical effect going on, so I'd like that pushed further - making it more abstract than it currently is. It might not work at all for this theme if you did that, but as it stands, it's too in-between for me to understand what your intention was in this shot. It does remind me of the movie Annihilation - which I love, I just wish it was pushed further in one direction.

I've seen your other photos on your profile and can tell you are a very knowledgeable photographer - this one just doesn't appear portfolio ready to me, therefore I could not give it a 3. I hope this makes sense and doesn't seem harsh. I've been actively trying to go back and give some constructive criticism on some of the photos I've rated where I thought I could offer some clarification.

Thank you for your critique , i understand and i will try some different timings , its a learning curve , thank you again