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1.63 - "Needs Work" 

This picture was taken in Pecos National Historical Park in New Mexico.

Pecos was a well known stop on the Santa Fe Trail that shows the history of the tribes in the area and the introduction of Christianity to the area.

Having never been to the area, these cacti were very unusual to me and I had to take a unique look of this plant to show its uniqueness.

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Hi Gordon, I saw that you asked for feedback. You are off to a good start here. Your depth of field is good and no blow outs in the desert sun - yea! I think the image falls down a little in composition though. I think of shots like this as 'text book images'. When the subject is dead center, straight head height perspective, it looks like this would be next to 'cactus' in the dictionary. If you had gotten low so that the plant rose up above the Ridgeline, it would look huge and interesting. Then maybe off center it and (from a composition perspective) you would have something more interesting to look at. I do like the repetition you got with the second cactus behind this one. I hope this helps. It is given with good intentions.

Thanks so much Ruth. That is exactly what I want to hear. Thanks so much for the feedback!!

What in the world is going on with the horizon line?