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1.33 - "Snap Shot" 

A clematis scrambling over a New Zealand flax (Phormium sp). I downloaded this photo for submission several times and kept changing my mind and deleting it. Is it too much of a snapshot, does it need any PP?, I wondered. Anyone could have taken it with the simplest of cameras and the only credit I can take is that I was there at the time. I didn’t arrange the subject, the light, or anything. No hardships were endured capturing it. Nature did it all, and sometimes, I feel, nature should be left to take all the credit. To my eye, it is an example of nature's work at its finest, beautiful flowers set against a beautiful blue sky and a hint of a beautiful blue ocean. That’s my philosophical take of it anyway. Does anyone see what I’m getting at and feel the same about this or any other photo? Or is it too simple, lacking in imagination and open to improvement? I’m eager to read comments on my philosophy behind it as much as the photo itself. I hope someone finds it pleasing, it is one of my favourites for the reasons I have given.

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Ok, so it’s a snapshot, and as such is unworthy. However, I remain unrepentant. It is still one of my favourite photos. Could someone tell me, in their opinion, what could be done to make it more worthy? Is it not possible to do so? I could see it on the lid of a tin of biscuits. Or even a greetings card, lord knows I’ve seen some pretty awful images on greetings cards lately. Look out for more of my snaps in coming competitions.
Best regards to you all, Tony