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1.7 - "Needs Work" 

I was out looking for small insects to photograph and these little daisies caught my eye with the two small insects calling it home.

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I would love any creative criticism you could provide with your ratings.

a bit more focus on the front flour which seems your main subject. also the upper flower suffers from being squashed to the frame a bit too much such as the lower parts. i would try to get a bit more distance while moving the camera to find a more inclusive composition. it looks very much like a snap shot to me. it might also not be the best target for a composition since all flour heads are pointing in all directions. definitely not easy to make a really good shot here. giving this a 2 with a bit of a stomach ache since i did not pull out any 1 ratings so far.

Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Its front focused, kinda hurts the eyes after going through many posts here i know its hard because of the subject keep my focus on the center of the main needs work maybe with a diffuser on top right to give a softer light and a bounce card on the left to give you more control and separation..
composition wise id crop in to the center-right get the main daisy the insect on the right and the closed daisy, theres alot of dead space that is unnecessary