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1.79 - "Needs Work" 

Shot in the Dominican Republic on a Fuji XPro-2, 23mm @ f9 1/3500, ISO 200

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Not sure it entirely fits the spirit of this contest but I love this image

Thanks. I wanted to distill the iconic palm down to its most basic recognizable elements. The criteria for this contest seems to be of some contention. First timer here- always happen that way? Thanks for your comment, as I am always trying to improve, 'needs work' is ok, but comments and constructive critique are useful.

That's fair. I don't think this image could be improved for what it is. You could alter the subject by cropping or some other edit but I wouldn't touch it. Don't take the ratings here seriously. I have multiple degrees in fine arts so I would think I’ve seen enough to know what people are looking for but barely a single image I've liked out of this group has more than two stars. Not to discount anyone's ratings, but everyone has their own criteria and, for the most part, they seem to be very different from mine.