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2.77 - "Solid" 

Taken at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

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Amazing shot. Had to rate a 4 star. In my opinion, the only reason to not give it a 5 star is the distractions on the right of the image. It appears that you tried to frame the shot with some leaves and I personally don't like it. Others will say that they love it. So take my comment as personal preference.

Great Shot! Thank you for sharing!

I have to agree, I tinker the leaves are just a little distracting but overall a beautiful photo!

Thanks for the feedback!

a pity, i cant give it more than 2 because my first focus after that flat and perfect water top gets lured to the bright drops which are not so much in focus. looking a bit around i found that the focus hits the front drops which are in my opinion rather peripher. and if the yellow flowers below could be a bit distances from the boarder it would be a real good shot, it certainly would have potential for 5 stars if everything is right.

Appreciate the comments - thanks.

I appreciate the choice to shoot through leaves. I like that the clearest parts are the water and the reflection in the top of the fountain. I like that the bright pinks in the center are the most in focus then it blurs outward. The yellow flowers almost are a bit distracting after staring for a while but I gave this 4 stars! I love it, the colors are great and it's a very tranquil picture.

Best part of the contest is getting feedback on your photos. Thank you.

I keep finding myself coming back to this shot! First of all rated at 3 stars, but I've now changed it to 4 stars, on the basis that;

1. I keep being drawn back in
2. I bloody love the dripping water over the edge!

I think it may have been mentioned in the comments about the yellow flowers being slightly distracting and I agree - However, they're in the background and don't take away enough for me to be to bothered by it.

I really love the falling water as juxtaposed to the flowers in the background, but I find the undefined right foreground takes away from the viewing pleasure instead of adding to the depth or the overall composition.

Thanks for taking the time to comment. It help to 'look' at ones photo through another persons eyes.