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2.68 - "Solid" 

Abstract woodland shot. Created by using slow shutter and quickly moving camera downwards while exposing.

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Out of the few similar typed shots in this week's theme, this one is my favorite. Seems a great balance of abstractness vs. the little catches of detail that leave a sort of 'grainy' look resembling wood-like structure. Nice.

Thanks so much!

Very interesting shot !

i am not sure what i am looking at, but i consider it a work of art. the idea of the slow shutter and the movement is absolutely gorgeous. but it all condenses down towards colors and for this i must say it lacks a bit of it. a further color element would be needed to make that a real hammer. i give it 4 stars.

Thanks. It took a few tries to get the right movement and timing. It was a dark foreground and brilliant back light that helped.

Lovely shot. Really well done.

Thank you. Looking at a large print (13*19) it almost looks like double exposure. You can see a solid background behind the blurred foreground.

For some reason I really like this 5*

Much appreciated. Ideally I would have liked the right and left ends to match more rather dark on the left and light on the right, but that's what I had to work with where the backlight was beaming through.