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How did you get this to be so sharp from the front to the back and still have a separation between the flower and the background?

I love the exposure, the background color, and the composition. My eye starts at the flower in the middle and is drawn up to the top right slowly taking in the amazing shot.

Thank you for sharing. Truly a stunning image. I am shocked it is currently averaging less than 3 stars.

Thanks a lot for your comment Andy.

About the separation, I guess it is because the background was on purpose as far as I could from the flower, trying to avoid the light for the flower could “contaminate” it….

The lens was a 50mm/1.8 on a APS sensor, so it was a 75mm and yes, the sharpness it is like that because I was on f16.

No photo stacking technique applied whatsoever, just one shot.

Thansk again!.

i guess it is shot with a pretty high f stop to gain sharpness? a nice composition with the 2 elements. i am not sure if the light spot hitting the background does it any good. i would rather go simple and let the flower talk more. maybe that sounds harsh but i am giving you 3 stars but being between 2 and 3.

Thanks Richard.

You’re right, I was on f16.

I normally work on studio with flashes, and having the background plain black or plain white didn’t make too much sense to me… I found it a bit boring after a while…doing several images like that.. feeling like I was being lazy…

I tried to put a one step higher difficulty to the job and believe me, it was much more difficult and more work to do it than a plain background…

I have one of these shot just plain black background and I prefer this one by far. But it is a matter of taste. Thanks for your comment.