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2.77 - "Solid" 

The fountain "Selsbanes Sail" at Harstad harbour is illuminated with changing colours during the winter season. A lucky coincidence occurred when the northern lights appeared in a moment where the colours at the fountain almost matched.

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Amazing shot !

Even though the mountains on the right are interesting, I would crop this part to have a more balanced image.

Thanks’ for using your valuable time to care for my expression. I really appreciate it. I find your advice quite good. I had a few rounds with myself, considering the choice of the crop before I start to publish this. Your comment opened my eyes for a really tight crop which I didn’t consider in the first place. I’ll certainly test it out. 😊

I feel like I want to go about 10 or 20 feet to the right and get more of the arora to the left in the picture.

But it is an amazing picture. 4*

Thanks’ for using your valuable time to care for my expression. I really appreciate it. I certainly do agree with your idea, but at the same time I have to emphasize that such an action is not possible. Northern lights occur, change forms and disappears in seconds. My idea was to photograph the fountain and northern lights in the environment at the bay -

During my session the Northern lights changed to the form you see at the above picture, and I can assure you that the last thing you want to do is to reposition you self and end up with a completely different picture, even possible a black sky. I suppose this is what fstoppers define as the difference between 4 and 5 stars. To get a 5 you also have to have the luck of beenig 10-20 feet further right at the right time. 😊

Very true. Love the picture.