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We want to see your best images that capture "Wintery Photos" for our next Critique the Community. 

Between now and December 18th, we invite you to submit up to two of your best images of "Winter". We will be selecting a total of 20 images to give feedback to and two entrants will win a free Fstoppers original tutorial. The first winner will be decided by the highest average community rated image and the second will be chosen at random. Please note that we want to see high quality pictures and will probably overlook anything that looks like a snapshot. 

Once you've uploaded your submissions, we encourage you to scroll through everyone else's and give them ratings and comments of your own. Please keep feedback encouraging and helpful. 

  • Submission Deadline: Wed, 18 Dec 19 16:00:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

  • Voting is closed.

  • 528 people have cast a total of 39,045 votes on 389 submissions from 275 contestants.
  • Congratulations to the winners!

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Wishing everybody a early Merry Christmas, and just remember no matter how frustrated your in your 'level of photography' they're' always somebody with photographic skills better than you and trust me many more with much poorer skills. Chill and enjoy the hobby is my belief.

Agreed. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Merry Christmas everyone!

The site keeps uploading my image as horizontal. What's the trick?

What photo editor do you use? Unfortunately, there are two ways to write the photo orientation in a photo. One way is more "standard" than the other. Your editor uses the "wrong" one, evidently. Not really your fault.
One rather untidy fix, if using windows, is to use file manager to view the photos, and rotate them if necessary.
Again. what photo editor do you use?

Anybody who happens to come across any of my photos submitted, constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. Doing the best I can to become a better photographer!!

Happy holidays to all!

Fuck climate change don‘t have snow anymore 😩

Yeah buddy! I spent a boatload of money on my snowblower... even got heated handles. Only used it three times in two years.

Clicking through the images in this contest, I am blown away by the quality of these shots. I'm continually in awe of the talent in this community. Thanks for sharing, everyone.

Sad to see how good pictures just get a rating of 1 or 2. Many members seem to have a lot of envy or resentment. I posted one of my best winter photos. The first ratings were 1 and 2. It's a shame.

I tried to be honest. Only one 5 though. And several fours. Mostly threes. Too many twos. Some seemed to forget the subject was winter. But I felt my best shot of the leaf was underrated as well. It was a goosebump shot for me. But I wasn't always with the community in my voting either.

If I see a picture that I don`t like, think is boring, or forgettable, but doesn`t need work, I just don`t vote. If I like a picture, the content, story or whatever, but the picture clearly lacks important technicalities or generally needs work I normally write it if I wote a two. So I mostly vote on a few outstanding pictures that I think is vorth a four and sometimes I vote three when I see a good picture to my tasting. In some seldom occasions I vote a five, and write that this is a five from me.
Merry Christmas!

Got a lot of great "winter" images submitted. Too many are much better than mine. Shows I've got lots of work to do to beat all of you next year. My problem is I learned with film and a darkroom and mainly black and white images so there wasn't all this color balancing and all that like we have now. I try to get mine right...right out of the camera with little post shooting work. How do you know where to begin and to end in post shot work? Should it ALWAYS be done? Shouldn't photos actually look like photos most of the time?

I think something should always be done, especially if you have RAW files. They are always flatter than what you saw with your eye. I generally try to edit to get them to look like they did to me at the time. Your eye adjusts to the scene to whole time, so it sees in the shadows that your image doesn't show, so you may need to bring them up in the picture. That's the sort of thing I try to do anyway. more mountains!!!!

I really love all of the submissions and am very glad that we do not live anywhere near that much snow!

You are normally allowed two... There seems to be a bug from time to time that shows the same image twice, but the "star data / comments" seems to be identical, so just a gallery display bug.. Though sometimes people delete their image and re-upload.. for <insert reasons here>...

It reads Submission Deadline December 18. ??

Looks like they switched the deadline from the 31st to the 18th... bummer, I wanted to submit one more.

Yes, we left for the holidays and decided to film the next critique so we can launch the next one.

Hmm, says right there in the description, "Between now and December 31st, we invite you to submit..." and yet in the shadow box below it says, "Submission Deadline: December 18th..."
A bit confusing I'd say. I went to submit this evening (the 18th) and of course could not. Did I just not see the box? Did it always say the deadline was the 18th? Something isn't right with this picture.

. . I wrote a mean comment, but then I took it back. . .

Took it back because it was mean or because it was wrong? What comment to whom? Your comment just fills me with questions

Hilarious and self-explanatory. Brilliant... shared sentiments here.

Damn, thought the submission deadline was the 31st. Oh well.

Thanks to the misunderstanding with a final deadline (and relatively low number of entries which it produced) I've managed to rate all the images in this critique. Phew... It takes a lot of time...

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