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1.55 - "Needs Work" 
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I have no idea how this is not at least a two-star image.

It could be a three pretty quick.

Bigger aperture to increase the depth of field. A

A flash, strobe, or reflector on the bottom left or top right, to make the ice glow (not on-camera flash). Also, center the image more empty space in the bottom right corner than everywhere else.

Post-processing, it could use little touch-ups with the dehaze slider, one bump to the right. Two bumps of the contrast (right) Shadows decreased one or two bumps. Blacks increased two bumps to the right.

I love the concept. I can see thought in the post-processing (cropping). Capturing the image with some artificial light may have made this a strong three maybe a four image.

Try more post processing to make the exposure and color pop. The whites should be whiter, in my opinion, but not blown out.