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3.32 - "Solid" 

The night sky above dolomites, the colour cast in the sky is the result of artificial lights on ski slopes and cities.

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Solid image. I am torn between a three and four. I did go three.

Changed my mind I increased my rating as I tried to search for what I would do differently. This is a better shot than I first thought. The sky is probably what hd me thinking it was a three, but that is what was there and is part of the story.

I don't like the stars. They feel like a mismatched composite. Is it a composite? The lower image is remarkable. I especially like the mountains, the arc that leads me toward them, and yet is a subject in itself. The human adds scale, but does not detract.

Stars and the clouds are as they were, they are not a composite. However there were some high clouds passing over and created glow around the stars.

Well, then you have changed my perception of the universe, and I love it!

just a lovely image, i would given it probably 4 stars, or maybe 5 its actually really complete. the right bottom fenced snow part looks a bit too cleaned up kind of too much photoshop, difficult to say if its natural, the rest just wonderful. one thing i am curious though, was that a long term exposure and if so did this guy come in as an extra shot or did he not move for an entire 10 seconds?