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2.46 - "Needs Work" 
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I love the subject a lot - freshly frosted leaves. I do feel the image could be improved with a slightly different composition, the dark far-off background at the top of the image distracts me from the subject.

Curious, I feel the light green far-off background distracts me

I like the subject, but the shot seems random - too much unfocused space and not much to keep your interest. Maybe if you cropped it, or make a proper close up/macro? Could work as a wallpaper though :)

Thanks for the feedback. Nope. I like it better this way

This is a great concept with so much possibility.

The frost on the leaves, the tack-sharp focus upfront. the light in the middle of the frame leading your eyes to... Lens flare. (my eyes can't get past that without me forcing them to keep going.

I like the bright lights through what I believe to be trees in the back near the middle middle of the shot. The light grass in the top left draws my eyes away from the middle.

It is one thing to have your eyes explore an image to find new and exciting things. This image lacks that. a small crop making it a portrait vs. landscape would most likely be a huge improvement.

The depth of field is perfect for the image, in my opinion. The angle the shot was taken was great, in my opinion. The Exposure and Contrast seem on point to me.

I gave it a two-star rating, it is so close to a three-star, I may return and raise it.

Thanks a lot for the feedback. This has been the most elaborate one I received so far on fstoppers. Really, really thank you for taking the time to write it.

I agree on lots of what you're saying.

(This shot was taken in a cemetery)