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2.39 - "Needs Work" 

The black church of Vik, Iceland.

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I feel like all of my attention is supposed to be on this patch of snow at the bottom.

Yep. I love the top 20% of this photo. The rest is just dead grass, snow, and dirt.

Stan, if you haven't written there's a black church, I wouldn't even noticed it. It's a sound photo with nice composition, but the church is too small to get any attention or to actually mean something to the photo. It would work as well without it, if you ask me. Nevertheless, this is a solid image for me - strong 3 stars, very close to the 4 mark. :)

Thank you very much for the time you took to comment and your feedback. Means a lot. Always enjoy getting the criticism, even more so than a positive feedback. For some reason a positive feedback feels fake...

Hi Stas!

We don't like to experience negative things, so - with a little empathy - we don't want to make others feel bad too. Especially because of what we said or done.

As I said - I really like the image overall. And I don't need the church to make it work. If, however, you would like it to be more pronounced part of the frame I would consider going way closer to it.

Also, very sorry for mispronunciation of your name - autocorrect attacked again. ;)

Thanks once again. I feel you.
I like the image overall too but I took it and I feel connected to the place. I can imagine how this image can be rated a snapshot. Cause Lee says that if you can take a shot with an iPhone then it’s a snapshot. Now with the new iPhone 11’s wide angle lens you can take a shot like this.

I don’t think of the criticism as something negative but rather positive. So again I appreciate your feedback. Thank you.
I wish you a happy new year and more photo opportunities in the year 2020!