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3.02 - "Solid" 

Bono the Cocker Spaniel having a blast in the snow. Shot in The Hague the Netherlands, Sony A9, Sony 85mm f1.8 (1/400 | f2 | iso160)

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So this one is even better! Great shot!!

Thanks again!

Beautiful shot! I love it. 👌🏼

Thanks Eric!

Nice shot. One big distraction is on the lower left. If that was not there I would have given this a four-star. I struggled giving it a three, it has so much potential to be a four.

The snow looks like the photoshop snow, is it? The reason I say that is the motion blur on the snow but the dog should be moving faster and has less motion blur if any.

Hi Andy, Thanks for the CC! It was a pretty narrow path with lots of bushes and bumps, so unfortunately I couldn't really avoid the out of focus area on the lower left. But I get what you mean.
The snow is real, no photoshop here! I think it may look like it's motion blur because snow flakes aren't always symmetrical and can be a bit odd shaped, making them look a bit stretched out at times?

amazing shot with an amazing compostion, loved it

Thanks Dhruv!

I really love this image; particularly the way you captured the main subject. I find it excellent enough to want to examine it longer, and to write out some thoughts ..... which I have not felt compelled to do with any of the other contest entries.

I do find the green foliage to be a visually incongruous with the rest of the image. If it were mine, I think I would simply take the green out by de-saturating the green color channel entirely.

Also, there is a highlight between 11 and 12 o'clock of the dog's left eye (our right). I would remove this highlight, as there is already a more appealing catchlight in that eye. And the snowflake immediately in front of that same eye is also something that I would remove.

These recommendations are just according to my own tastes, and I realize that you may prefer the image just as it is.