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1.86 - "Needs Work" 

Snow and frost on the sculptures in the Vigelands Park in Oslo.

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I really like this picture, but I don't know that it screams "Winter" to me. I see the snow on the steps, but it kind of blends in with the overall tones. Took me a while to notice it was there—my eye goes straight to the sculptures.

Thank you for commenting Worden. Yup I guess so, maybe it doesn`t seem like a winter picture. I never had so many one stars on my images before. Maybe that`s the reason, because it is far from a snapshot.

Yeah, that's why I wanted to clarify. I suspect a lot of people were blowing by quickly, didn't see the snow, and left a low number. Makes me wish we could leave two scores, one for quality and one for theme. I feel like a lot of shots are getting snubbed because they don't fit the raters' idea of winter.

There is a picture in this contest of a dog inside a house lying on a sofa with probably christmas lightning bokeh in the background. This picture has now 42 votes and 2,62. It is a good picture, but it has absolutely no snow or winter in it. We can guess it is christmas time and therefore winter outside, but I think many also think my picture is a snapshot, and that`s mostly my fault. But I have worked a lot with this picture. It would be nice on a large print. Thanks for commenting again, and a Merry Christmas!