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2.49 - "Needs Work" 

KO. This is the precise moment Kane Black sent his opponent to sleep in their Boxmania fight at Nottingham Arena. This was one of the first boxing events I covered and it is difficult to get much better timing than this (if I do say so myself). I rarely process in black and white as most commercial clients want colour images.

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Perfect time and execution. Would it be more dramatic with a tighter crop?

Yeah definitely but I’ve already come in as far as I dare! Shot on an A7ii which really didn’t do well at higher ISO

Plus I quite like the negative space on this too if I’m honest but my normal style is much tighter

Very nice timing. What would you think about removing the referee with photoshop. Or at least removing the top of the head, bottom right?

Hmm I don’t tend to do that but I get why you’d say that. Yeah in hindsight i could quite easily clone out the head, I didn’t do that much when I shot this and didn’t revisit the edit (I’m not 100% happy with the tones but such is arena lighting and I tend to process them pretty straight). Appreciate the feedback