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2.71 - "Solid" 

One of my favorites from family photoshoot I did a few months ago

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Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Very nice!

The expressions caught are marvelous. The timing to catch the action is very good. The lighting is flat. I think with some post processing it could be better.

Erika Bojarczuk's picture

Thank you for the feedback! The day was rainy/overcast. Any suggestions for better processing would be great =)

Obviously all subjective... A little more contrast should help. Some dodging on the faces but you'll have to be careful not to over-do that. You could try putting a small catchlight in the boy's eyes- not an easy thing to do but would put a little more spark in his eyes. The area over the wall could be burned in (darkened) a little more. I suggest a graduated filter on the lower left corner on a diagonal to just below the girl's foot, with a subtle gradation throughout- kind of a subtle vignette. Slight darkening to the right of his leg and foot. Finally, spot out the white spots in the photo. I tried all this on my computer and thought it turned out nicely.

Erika Bojarczuk's picture

Thank you so much! I will play with it again =)