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1.95 - "Needs Work" 

All of my technologies :D

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these images work best if you're exactly straight above, everything is straight, everything is perfect. but that doesn't seem to be the case here, you're slightly too far to the left and not exactly straight above all the items.

Also the layout could be slightly better. Things like the laptop in the top, isn't quite straight, the 2 Sony cameras underneath aren't quite straight. The 2 items to the right of the gimbal aren't 100% vertical. etc etc.

I agree with Steven and would add that I'm not a fan of the light fall off to the left. The black objects on the left almost disappear. If the object of the photo is to show all of your technologies we want to see them in their entirety with detail. The light on the right is essentially reflecting off the table. Perhaps lowering that light source would help that and adding another light to the left side as a fill would help overcome the darkness there. I do like your idea and concept.

I think if there was symmetry to the image it would have turned out better Have a main object and then build off that. Maybe a pattern, and path, or some type of design noticeable to the viewer.

The other critique I have is the gradient lighting falloff. Some of the accessories are not even recognizable.

I do like the details of the devices being illuminated and or turned on to display, that is a nice touch and shows some attention to detail.