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3.16 - "Solid" 

This New Jersey shore house was shot at twilight (pre-sunrise) where the sun is rising from behind the camera. This is a luminosity blend of a few exposures. When this was shot the sky was perfectly clear which felt a little boring so I added the subtle clouds in post. There was heavy retouching to remove some telephone poles.

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solid work - like that you added some clouds but didn't went crazy on the sky.

Absolutely gorgeous! I often find it hard to isolate and frame houses where there are other buildings in close vicinity, but you have done an absolutely amazing job using the light/dark contrast to highlight the subject. Love it!

Thanks Maryam! After shooting into sunrise, I went with this more twilight style shot (vs pinkish sunrise) because the lights of the house isolated it just like you were saying. When the sun actually started to come up, it was lighting the other buildings more and losing that isolated subject effect.

Perfect moment and I'm in love with the lighting and colors. The shot is very well centralized, love the composition balance. The shot only may need something make it more dynamic like the moving clouds through long exposure in addition to a moving object like car (light rails) or a human moving to show the scale too.