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A night shot for my US friends with your favorite sport
Greetings, Michael Rock the shell Rocktäschel

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Chase Wilson's picture

Did you shoot the the Lederhosen/Dirndl shot here as well? Also, I gotta know, is that practical haze? Or is it done in post?

Michael Rocktaeschel's picture

Chase you are a very good observer. Yes the Dirndl Shot was done here as well. It was 4 degrees C (cold) so there was a little haze in the air which I emphasized in post

Chase Wilson's picture

I’m well aware that this is unsolicited advice. I’m sure this was furthest from your mind when you were shooting. But his skin is so shiny, and I think it looks rad. If, in the future you wanted to multiply that effect, I use this hair sheen on the skin:

It’s not as obtrusive as baby oil, and it can be sprain on to target features and control quantity pretty easily. If you’re already aware of this little hack; please disregard.

Michael Rocktaeschel's picture

Any advice is welcome.Thank you. There are a lot of details someone needs to take care of when creating an impactful picture. My blind spot is often hair/makeup/outfit. In my hierarchy of what’s important for me it’s often quite down the line. However if there is something disturbing than it pulls down the entire concept.