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My husband Bob took the time to sew himself a faux fur outfit complete with hat! lol We took this image sitting at our dining room table and I added the background in later. We were going for a viking-esque image. I was at the far end of the table opposite from Bob. I had one light set up just above me pointing directly at him. Then I had a very small rim light set up behind him camera right. Then I just snapped pics as his character came to life and he enjoyed a piece of chicken.

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Really great image, but I think it needs more contrast: harder light with more highlights and shadows.
Also don't tell us he's called Bob, call him Odin or something. :)

Well- for this session he started calling himself “Baldric the Germanic Warrior King”. 🙄

Ironically- he always says to me “it needs more contrast”. Whether he’s even looked at the image or not. It’s a running joke between us. 😂