Behind the Scenes of Mario Testino’s Best-Dressed Shoot: London

Vanity Fair posted a video on their YouTube channel giving an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at a Mario Testino’s Best-Dressed Shoot: London (Shot in May, 2014), featuring snippets of their interviews with Cressida Bonas, Betty Catroux, Helena Bonham Carter, Nicky Haslam, Elisa Sednaoui, and Charlotte Olympia Dellal!

The Video, (& Photo-shoot), was put together to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Vanity Fair’s publication of the “International Best-Dressed List” using some of the past & present winners giving a little insight on what fashion & style means to each of the honorees.

What do you think? Are the winners worthy?  And more importantly, what do you think of the images?

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Golgo Thirteen's picture

Its Mario, so the shots will always be beautiful. The fact he used a very simple gear setup shows his great eye. I love how simple his shooting style can be yet how strong the images can be in the end.

This just shows why he is still on top of fashion photography.

David Lara's picture

Finally a post on fashion other than about Terry! ....But in all seriousness. Mario work is great. His shooting & processing style isn't over done, and composes creatively. It certainly helps to have great talent and team around you, but that's not to take away from his own talents.

Federico Guendel's picture

I love the styling except for Bonham Carter which felt a little out of place from the rest, but it's her alright. Winners are worthy to be on the list, but surprised others didn't make the list. The shoot itself I find curious because Testino was trying to achieve that fashion street style of shooting (think Sartorialist). Different and he will always be my hero

Paul Ferradas's picture

I've never understood what the camera assistants are doing while the photographer shoots. Is he adjusting something on the camera as Mario tells him? I shoot like this all the time and never have had an assistant touch my camera while i'm shooting. Am i missing something here?

Bruno Inácio's picture

It could sound strange, but a lot of photographers (image creators) doesn´t know how a camera works, they understand everything about the technique but they doesn´t want to know how a 5d works, an 1ds, an d800, how to disable the af on an Hasselblad etc..
Mostly the fashion one's. They need to be always in touch with all the team and clients, and spend time with technical aspects is not great to almost everybody on set that does'n understand nothing about an f-number!
Assistants and Digitech are there to do that, and them (photographers) only need to worry with framing, posing, and creating. For me, that sounds great! That sounds: WORK!
I saw your portfolio. There's some very good images! Congrats.

Paul Ferradas's picture

Thanks for the info and the comments Bruno. That's what I figured. It looks like Mario was using a Canon DSLR and I'm not sure how well he knows it since it's not his main camera. My guess it that he was asking to turn off or on the Auto/Manual focus.