Creating Modern Fashion Photography: Gian Paolo Barbieri

Creating Modern Fashion Photography: Gian Paolo Barbieri

As an innovator of fashion photography, Gian Paolo Barbieri's various approaches and techniques helped to shape modern fashion photography.

Just as there was a reawakening of Italian fashion design, Barbieri made a point of becoming a friend of the designers. By befriending and eventually understanding their style and design, Barbieri was able to become a champion of the new era of Italian fashion and costume designers.

Gian Paolo Barbieri - Mirella Petteni, Vogue Italia, 1968.

In doing so, Barbieri was able to be a driver of this reawakening of Italian fashion popularity.

Gian Paolo Barbieri - Dalma Callado in Gianfranco Ferré, Milano 1979.
Barbieri also helped to move fashion photography out of the catalogue by using innovative set design and styling. eclectic outdoor set design in exotic locations.

 Gian Paolo Barbieri - Laura Alvarez, Venezuela, 1976

For Barbieri, fashion photography without art is empty, and so, he drew on his deep knowledge to enrich his shoots with references to art history.

Gian Paolo Barbieri - Catherine Noyez, Interview Mag., Milano, 1986.

Barbieri also relied on cinematic grandeur to help his images stand out. Not just replicating ideas, but shooting in a way to expand the conversation.

Gian Paolo Barbieri - Mariolina Della Gatta, Milano, 1965.

If you're in the neighborhood, you can see Barbieri's newest exhibit at House of Lucie Ostuni, in Ostuni, Italy. The exhibit is showing off many masterworks by Barbieri, as well as some previously unpublished photographs dating back to the 1960s.

All images used with permission.

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