Fashion Photographer Mario Testino Celebrates His Fashion and Beauty Lifetime Achievement Award [NSFW]

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Fashion and comedy don't often come in one package. But here, Mario Testino delivers a superb version of his humor and lets all the models from Kate Moss to Amber Valletta and Gigi Hadid form part of it. It's a video to celebrate his Clio Fashion and Beauty Lifetime Achievement Award, written and directed by Sophie Edelstein. 

He has a tremendous energy about him, and it comes across in the videos as contagious. He becomes part of the shoot, rather than being a photographer and the model having to be photographed. And it certainly seems as though all the models he's worked with love shooting with him. He's got a sense of humor, which I think is one of the most important aspects of being a fashion photographer. You need to direct the team's energy and create a mood in a sense. Mario is experienced and a master at this: 

Get obsessed, totally obsessed. There is no use liking what you do. Get obsessed with it.

He shows it's not about the camera; it's about the personality and the spark of the photographer. The site for which this was shot, Mira Mira, which translates to "Look, Look," displays some of his work. It has videos, podcasts, and an online store where you can buy some of his books and prints. Check it out here.

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where is the video?

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Mario Testino, perhaps the most 'well packaged' and 'abundantly delivered and exposed' photographer there is. Well done Mario!