The Most Stunning UV Light Photography You'll Ever See

At first, you could wonder how a hairstylist found inspiration in deep sea creatures and avatar to make a collection. But then, when you see the actual looks and how a talented photographer such as David Sheldrick can make the most out every element to create masterpieces out of it, you actually start to hate yourself for not thinking of it earlier! This is probably the most stunning project I’ve seen in months, and I’m blown away by how much talent there is in these frames.

You’ve probably seen hundreds of pictures taken using UV lights. Until Von Wong shot his projects with it, I thought it was impossible to do anything worth it using these lights. But then, after he had done his images, I changed my mind and started to believe it would be impossible to make anything as good or better. Well, Sheldrick proved me wrong on both ideas.

Creating such amazing images requires not only an extraordinary team but also fantastic photographic skills. On his blog post for Broncolor on the GenNext website, Sheldrick explains how he worked with the UV lights, the problems he had to work around, and how he combined slow shutter speed, continuous lighting, and multiple flash firings for each exposure to create this result. To see all the pictures and to learn more about how Sheldrick created this shots, be sure to read his article on GenNext’s blog.

Credits :Photographer: David Sheldrick / Model: Rachel Brockman / Hair: Seung Ki Baek / Make-up artist: Adelaide Filippe and Josie Chan / Stylist: Tina Farey / Tutorial Film: Nicole Markhoff / Film: Alexander Hardy 

Images used with authorization from Broncolor.

[via Broncolor GenNext]

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Michael B. Stuart's picture

A unique idea, and the final result is amazing! Brings my back to my blacklight posters in college. Pretty sure my Jimi Hendrix one rocked some of these colors.

Gabrielle Colton's picture

Ah I used to love black light posters, I forgot about those!!! I need to learn how to do this, it's so magical

Pascal Photographos's picture

This is really cool.