Super Models Without Makeup, Hair, Lighting, and Retouching

Super Models Without Makeup, Hair, Lighting, and Retouching

It's easy to think that models are perfect in every way because when we see images of them they have had hours of hair and makeup, they are lit by some of the most talented photographers on the planet, and then they are retouched by the most meticulous Photoshop artists around. In this post we get to see side by side comparison shots between each model without makeup and then after the full production. Each of these models looks pretty normal except for the last one that looked incredible even without makeup.

Via Reddit

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Casey's picture

...and they're all still really attractive

Justin Massongill's picture

Photogenic guy! Someone reads reddit!

ya it's an addiction of mine :)

How do I upvote this comment?

Bottom line, these girls are still hot no matter what look you're going for. Even "raw".

I didn't find most of them attractive before OR after.

My secret is out! Come here, big boy!

You forgot to mention focal lengths in your headline.  And posing.  And timing.

The before pictures do the "integrity" of the effort an injustice.

Photogenic guy...! LOL

Ridiculously photogenic guy!! Redddit FTW

It's an interesting exercise however I wonder how different they would look under the same lighting as the finished shot with same pose.
Love's an addiction of mine

ahhhh shittttt. i just laughed so hard

focal length is a big difference between each of the images here. A lot of facial distortion.

harry's picture

Some of these test shots are distorted via lens/focal point are they not?  Some of these models looked warped as all hell!

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 That's why they are models.. because they stand out.

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How can you take so bad picture of so beautiful models?  Better hire a pro photographer ;)

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they all look like they have alien shaped heads. eeeesh

They all have one thing in common. Great New York Boobs!!

The before shots are all shot wide angle. It makes their heads look tiny and their breasts look big

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Well Played with the Photogenic guy. Apparently my brother in law knows him...

Coco Rocha still looks good and Lara Stone is so ugly she's hot. Huge gap teeth like vintage Madonna. 

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WTF? this looks fake! :/

All of their faces look like they've been contorted in PS. Almost all their chins look bent out of shape and in some of the photos their entire face looks superimposed. :/

Just wide angle shots.

Looks like they used some sort of wide lens on the non-makeup/edited one.  They all look distorted!

looool the last picture is great example!

Adriana Lima is superb with or without makeup

Matthew K. Murphy's picture


The sixth one down (whoever that is) looks like a freakin' alien. Here eyes have the state of Nebraska between them. 

George Vernon's picture

I really gotta learn how to make my models look different! ;)

I'm properly mistaken, but the pics with no makeups look a bit distorted... They still look great though! 


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