Super Models Without Makeup, Hair, Lighting, and Retouching

Super Models Without Makeup, Hair, Lighting, and Retouching

It's easy to think that models are perfect in every way because when we see images of them they have had hours of hair and makeup, they are lit by some of the most talented photographers on the planet, and then they are retouched by the most meticulous Photoshop artists around. In this post we get to see side by side comparison shots between each model without makeup and then after the full production. Each of these models looks pretty normal except for the last one that looked incredible even without makeup.

Via Reddit

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Julian Jones's picture

There's nothing wrong with the before images. These are "casting/polaroids" images, no expression, no hairstyling or makeup. It is simply a basic headshot for the agencies to get a good idea of how you look. Also, there'd be full length and 3/4 shots as well. But as far are the "distortion" goes, I doubt it was shot with the same photographer.

John Godwin's picture

Can you imagine being so stunningly attractive, that even that your worst, you still look like THAT?

They are all beautiful, and something tells me I'm having the opposite reaction to what the author intended.

This kind of crap is pathetic. 

Photogenic Guy! hahaha Wasn't Expecting that!

Szymon Boratynski's picture

well.. that's what the make up is for, right?? ;)

Still gorgeous, don't understand this post !

Nobody looks amazing in bad light and with distortion... But these girls still look good.

Fro's picture

Old article. Writer prob never slept with hot women. This is how they look like in the morning, FYI.

Gary Martin's picture

And that why we and make up artists are here to make them feel good and make money from it!!
And of course make beautiful images at the same time.

Looooooool awesome!

Spy Black's picture

I would've stuck a picture of Elvis on the second of the last pic...

Robert Herrera's picture

Don't know about you, but I just don't see much of a difference on the guy. Case in point.. GUYS DO NEED MAKE UP NOR SHOULD THEY BE WEARING IT. lol