PressPausePlay, A Documentary Every Creative Should Watch

10-15 years ago, if you were a talented creative person, there was a very good chance that you would never be discovered. Without the push from a big record label very few people would every be able to hear your music. Unless you could sign with a producer you would never be able to raise the millions necessary to make a movie. The internet has changed all of that; and you no longer have an excuse. PressPausePlay is a fantastic documentary that focuses on this massive shift in the creative world. Whether you are a photographer, musician, director, writer, painter or artistic in any way, you should watch this documentary this weekend. It will inspire to take your success into your own hands.

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Got to see it in the theater! Was amazing.

Real good documentary, but c'mon! so much negativity...

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Awesome, thanks for the share Lee!

awesome motivational documentary

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13:30, Swedish production

I agree that we need to appreciate real art more. just yesterday I came across some wonderful music played by someone on an unusual instrument; at first i wanted to listen to the music while i got some work done , but i just couldn't, I stopped working just so I could fully enjoy the music.

this is all still evolving really..... nobody knows where the internet will end up, but if government bureaucracy sticks its dick in it...... we are all screwed.

fascinating documentary..... thanks again fstopper, done it again..... I use to go to Drudgereport everyday, multiple times in a day.... but i find myself going first to.... FB.... fstoppers...... first and foremost....

Lee, Patrick, House of Radon, what an excellent documentary this is and I thank you for presenting it for it encapsulates essentials that should be understood by the creative mind of any genre and generation. Well done Fstoppers for making this available and don't stop your mind's eye from doing what it does best. Cheers. Mark

This is depressing the hell ouf of me right now. I'm an hour in.