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CineStill bwXX Now Available in Limited Quantities

CineStill bwXX Now Available in Limited Quantities

They guys over at CineStill have released CineStill bwXX (double-x) in a limited run of 2000 rolls. They are available as of last week so you’d better get over there before it’s gone. The film is a high speed, classic black & white film emulsion, with an EI of 250 under daylight and 200 under tungsten lighting. It can also be pushed up to 1600 with some developers.

Originally created by Eastman Kodak in 1959. This film has been a photographic constant since it’s release. Kodak has however has removed this film from it’s still stocks, but is available to cinematographers, until now. If this film is as much fun to shoot as the 800T I’m going to be hooked. It’s classic look is just begging to be ran through a Leica.

Here are some sample images from the insanely talented talented Cliff Gagliardo.

You can pick it up over at the CineStill store right now. Also, if you are doing your own developing this extensive chart of developing times should prove to be quite helpful.

[via Cinestill]

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Cool! It looks orthochromatic which I love for portraits of white people. Going to have to pick up some of this stuff and run it through Rodinal.

Good that rolls are coming to market again

Thanks for the compliment, Kyle! I am just now seeing this. It was an immense joy to shoot this film. I highly recommend it for enthusiasts and newbies alike!