Film Ferrania Opens Online Shop, Takes Pre-Orders

Film Ferrania Opens Online Shop, Takes Pre-Orders

Italy's Film Ferrania, whose halting progress toward reopening as the third (or fourth, if Kodak beats them to the punch) manufacturer able to produce color slide film we've been following, has made another step towards their goal. Their online shop is now open and taking pre-orders for the new Ferrania's first product, a re-engineered version of P30 ISO 80 black and white film in 35mm format.

After initially opening the online store on March 15th, Film Ferrania was inundated with site visits, prompting a server overload and temporary shutdown of the shop. The company claimed on Twitter it had had over 20,000 visitors at the same time and had to move to a higher-capacity server.

P30 film

Currently, only P30 film is on offer in Ferrania's new online store.

As of now, the shop is working again. Film sales are currently limited to pre-orders of five rolls of P30 as Ferrania gears up production. Film will be delivered beginning in April. A video posted by Ferrania's U.S. representative, Dave Bias, was posted on Vimeo and on the company's website to explain the thinking behind offering pre-orders only at this time.

Supporters of Ferrania's original Kickstarter were offered to switch from their original rewards of color slide film to P30 black and white negative film in February. Those who retained their rewards were sent an e-mail with account information and a coupon code to buy up to five rolls of the first-run film for $5/€5 instead of $8.50/€8.50. U.S. customers additionally pay $8.50 for shipping, while European and other global orders will have to stomach a €14 shipping fee at minimum.

While it is heartening to see Ferrania's long-delayed manufacturing and distribution process starting in earnest and while having another black and white film option is always welcome, the real test of their capabilities will be the beginning of color slide film manufacture set for later this year.

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