Firefighter's Helmet-Cam Puts You Right in the Middle of the Action

Firefighter's Helmet-Cam Puts You Right in the Middle of the Action

Maybe I'm just jaded, but GoPro videos of snowboarders, mountain bikers, parkour runners, and wing suit flying people (to name a few) have just started to get a little old for me. Sure, they're exciting and give me a glimpse of what the world might be like if I got off my sofa, but I feel like I've seen them all, so when I saw this video posted on the San Bernardino County Fire Department's YouTube channel, I had to click it.

The video starts off with audio from the dispatch call, and then fades into video from one of the crew's cameras as the truck approaches the site of the blaze. SBCFD offers this summary of the situation:

Firefighters from the City of Victorville responded to a reported Structure fire in the 15800 Block of La Paz Drive, in Victorville. Upon arrival, SBCoFD companies found a single story home well involved with one additional home catching fire. Firefighters engaged in an aggressive coordinated attack with hose lines and vertical ventilation, knocking the fire down in 30 minutes. Residents were outside prior to arrival and accounted for. Firefighters did a search to confirm no one was inside. One large dog was found in the search and was reunited with his owners. A total of 3 adults and 4 kids were displaced as a result of the fire. Red Cross was called to arrange for temporary housing, clothing and to assist with medications. Fire cause and origin is under investigation by San Bernardino County Fire Investigators. 

The video cuts between several different cameras and, at one point, shows a picture-in-picture shot of a team of firefighters entering the burning building, while another team cuts into the roof from above.

The smoke and flames definitely make for a cool video, but what really made this an interesting watch for me was how they included the radio communication from the different crew members. It does a fantastic job showing the precision and training that allow these guys to calmly handle an otherwise overwhelming situation. The SBCFD have multiple videos like this on their YouTube page, and I have already subscribed to their updates so I don't miss any future uploads.

[Via ABC 7]

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