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Instagram Adds New Video Feature With 13 Special Filters

Today, Instagram rolled out a new update to their iOS and Android app adding a new video capture button along side the camera button. Now the 130-million monthly Instagram users will be able to capture up to 15-seconds of a moment when video would work better than a static image and dress them up with color grading filters. The question now is, will Instagram's new video feature hurt the rapid growth and success of Vine?

On Instagram, the videos can be between three and 15 seconds long and include any number of individual video clips. But the coolest feature may come after you shoot the video: 13 brand-new filters, created by an artist specifically for Instagram video. They do the usual tweaks to make video pop, like adding vignettes, upping the contrast and playing with color. There is also an image-stabilization feature turned on by default to even out shaky videos shot on the go. For now, videos can only be shot from within the Instagram app, and there is no way to upload existing video from your phone's camera roll.

fstoppers instagram video

Instagram's co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom said they chose the 15-second limit because it was the right balance "between not too short that it constrains your creativity" and not so long that you have to wait a while for a file to upload. Similar to how Vine operates, users can simply lift their finger off the record button to pause recordings and then tap and hold the record button again when they are ready for the next clip. Previous recorded clips can also be deleted before producing the final edited video which must fall inside the 3 to 15 second limit.

On the heels of the announcement, Vine seems to also be readying some new features. The co-founders posted several Vines videos recently that suggest users will have the ability to save drafts, splice bits of multiple Vines together and browse content based on genres and categories. Will it be enough to save Vine?

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i think VINE will be dead. they just launched the android version of the app so it does not have a large user base for android like instagram has. Add the fact that instagram can do both pics and video and they have effects for both.. . i see no reason to use VINE anymore at all.

Oh yea, Vine is completely usless now. They created their app to pull in Instagram users that wre mad it didnt have video. That kinda backfired. ha

Hitting refresh in the Google play store doesn't make it come any faster does it?

I am an instagram junkie! Just like when Instagram began I was new to it like everyone else. You can look at the first few photos of anyones feed and be in awe that they had photos that looked that "bad" compared to their most recent ones. Me especially starting out, heck not even photos past a year ago were that great to me. It will be a learning curve to get used to it all but I have a feeling greatness will come in time as the app matures to more video heavy users. Now on to the techincal part, the app has quite a few bugs in the playback department. I have noticed the vidoe will either not load or just sit in limbo forever before it finally plays. Maybe its just me as I am running a beta of ios 7 but doutbful as video is a fickle little bitch when it comes to shooting, editing and posting online. I am hopeful and excited to see what some of the big names do with it. Heck I am also excited to see who comes out of the woodwork as the next big name on IG

R.I.P Vine... you tried your best...

Unfortunately for me every time I try to record a video the app freezes to the point it freezes my phone, and I have to pull the battery out. (SGS2 with JB)