Instagram Releases New Photo Editing Features

Instagram Releases New Photo Editing Features

Instagram has just released some of its most significant photo editing features that we have seen from them since the release of video sharing. Instagram is making it clear that it has no plans of fading out in the near future. By offering some more tools to help edit pictures and reach out to the photography community, I think they will continue leading the way for one of the top social media platforms.

The update released includes two main features which are the ability to edit all of the main details of your images and the ability to select the strength of the filter you choose to apply. You can now target the editing of the contrast, color temperature, brightness, saturation, and even more of the image without having to even leave the app.

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PetaPixel spoke with Instagram's CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom yesterday and he was quoted saying the updated wasn't "cooked up over the weekend." He was clear in stating that many months of research went into making the edits extremely responsive and that that is key to creating a good user experience. There are a few apps that allow editing of photos but are often clunky, slow, or overall just do not go together with Instagram and other social media apps.

Instagram has really been setting the bar high and trying to one up themselves since the beginning. Many photographers, such as myself, did not really see the point of using the app when it first came out but quickly found out how useful of a tool it was for marketing and how often people were using it. "Even though Instagram can't and isn't meant to match these powerhouse editing tools (Lightroom and Photoshop), Systrom explained that they did their best to make sure the edits are applied in the same way."

Each editing parameter was tweaked to target exactly what it says. Changing the shadows was tested to make sure it didn't affect the hues, saturation affects each color channel differently, and other details were also looked into. With this type of concentration put into small things like that, it creates an experience that helps instill confidence in the app. No more needing to bounce out of 4 different ones just to get a bit more color out of an image and have it cropped the way you want it, etc etc...

Check out this quick demo video put together to highlight some of the new editing features

You may dislike Instagram but that does not change the fact that it has integrated itself into the photo community for professionals and amateurs. Both fields are brought to one place to share what they have in front of them and market themselves to eachother while learning and growing their skillsets. When Instagram was first announced, it was directed towards being a social media hub to share images. Now, we are seeing it grow on the photography side which is what the community has been asking for. I, personally, am excited for this update.

The update is available now for both iOS users and Android (Ice Cream Sandwich and above) users.

What are your thoughts on the new Instagram update that will offer new photo editing capabilities?

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Love the update, been hearing about these additions for months or close to a year from a couple people that work at Instagram and its great to finally see it come to light. Its a start into competing with apps like Snapseed and VSCO though those both are heavy editing apps in comparison its a nice start to have an all in one place to snap, edit and post.

They haven't outlawed Instagram yet?...

It's about time! Instagram without a fade slider was pretty much non-usable for the self respecting photographer. My previous favorite was VSCOcam. I'm sure it'll still be my favorite, but now I won't have to use it every single time.

Was there an adjustment called Vegemite?!

It seems they got inspired by VSCOcam :)