10 Things My MacBook Does Better Than My Windows Desktop

I recently made the switch to Mac after a lifetime of Windows. My MacBook Pro isn’t perfect, but in this video ,I discuss the top 10 things that it does better than my Windows machines. 

1. Hardware

The M1 MacBook Pro is the best built laptop I’ve ever used. Most Windows laptop have one really impressive component, but the keyboard, trackpad, speakers, and screen on my MacBook are the best I’ve ever seen in a laptop. 

2. Battery Life

Although Windows laptops have been getting better in recent years, in the past, it felt you could pick between battery life or performance. My netbook might have great battery life, but it couldn’t edit a video. My Alienware could, but it would only last an hour or two before the battery died. This new MacBook Pro has the best battery I’ve ever seen on a laptop, and it also has the best performance. 

3. Fan Noise

I’ve owned some very powerful Windows laptops in the past, but with that power came an outrageous cooling system. My Alienware would randomly spool up the fans to 100% while I was browsing the web, and it sounded like someone was vacuuming the floor in the room next door. 

99% of the time, my MacBook is 100% silent. Even with dual monitors plugged in and a ton of applications running, the laptop almost never spools up. The only time I can get the fans to turn on is during a video export, and even still, it is incredibly quiet. 

4. AirDrop

Getting photos or videos from your iPhone to a Windows computer is a nightmare. You have to plug it in via a USB 2.0 cable and hope that Windows recognizes it. If it does, you have to sort through 30 different randomly named files to find the photo you're looking for. 

Apple devices can automatically recognize other Apple devices nearby and transfer files wirelessly via bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This feature alone makes it very difficult to go back to Windows. I never want to use another lightning cable for the rest of my life. 

5. Universal Clipboard

Apple devices with the same Apple ID that are on the same Wi-Fi network will automatically share the clip board. If you copy text, image, or file on your phone, laptop, or iPad, you can paste it on another device almost instantly. 

6. Handoff

Once again, if you own multiple Apple devices, Handoff makes jumping between each of them seamless. Have a website open on your phone? An icon shows up on your MacBook to jump to it. Did you accept a FaceTime call on your laptop? You can send it over to your phone. 

7. Sidecar

I’ve been using my iPad as a second monitor with my laptop for years now, but it was never seamless. It either used a cable or a specific app and a shared network. Your Apple computer can recognize a nearby iPhone or iPad and make it a second wireless monitor with a single click. 

8. iMessage

If your thumbs are tired from endless texting, you’ll love the ability to send and receive all of your texts on your computer. 

9. OS Navigation

Although it took a while for me to understand MacOS, I must admit, it’s a lot more intuitive than Windows. You can easily find everything in the “Finder,” whereas on Windows, it feels like you have to know where to hunt for certain types of files. 

Spotlight is a system-wide search feature that also makes navigating the OS far easier than Windows. 

10. Performance

The number one reason I feel comfortable switching to Apple is the performance of the new MacBook Pro. For the first time ever, this laptop truly feels like it’s capable of replacing my desktop. It’s certainly not as powerful as my Windows PC, but it’s 90% of the performance in a package that is 90% smaller and more convenient. 

After slowly learning about each of these 10 things, my Windows desktop feels extremely lacking to me now. If you’re a Windows user who is nervous about making the change, stay tuned because soon, I will make a video for Windows users to make the switch easier. 

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Lee Morris is a professional photographer based in Charleston SC, and is the co-owner of Fstoppers.com

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11) Tech support and repair. Apple offers excellent phone support and also walk-in service and support through Apple Stores. I am fortunate to live near three Apple Stores. They saved my butt once when my MacBook Pro would not boot.

Re: Airdrop & iMessage, this is a design choice. Apple doesn't want it to be simple and easy with Windows. They want you to use only their hardware. It's a good thing their hardware is as well designed as it is.

The problem is that this is precisely the kind of behavior that got Microsoft in trouble back in the 90s. Apple has historically only skirted the antitrust issue because of their smaller market share.

Things done worse: you rely on what Apple think things must be done, in other words, only one way. That works for some people, but don't works for a lot of people.

2 years later and still trolling Apple articles. Wow.

It's not about trolling, its about choice. You are the one that is trolling.

22 comments, largely aimed at articles about Apple, no photos, no clue as to who you are, not a hint you even like photography, childish user ID… nah mate, you’re a troll.

I prefer to comment on what I know. Not like you who think without knowing anything.

Ok troll, show us some of your photography, then we'll talk... otherwise kindly f--k off.

Since years ago I only use private photo galleries. Bad luck! ;)

And a blatant troll post, congrats, not a good look to have.

I have said something, you have said nothing. So I think the troll are you.

Yeah except everything you said was BS, hence you're the troll, and I don't need to say anything more, you speak for yourself.

I said what I think. Perhaps the problem is that you think differently, but that does not mean you have to be right.

As long as the hardware is working fine - but when things need repair - you may be in trouble. No removable SSD - no memory extension possible. And no led indicator lights (2 are needed!) on the networkconnectors. The CPU is a 'redesigned' ARM-instruction set - without a few handy Virtualisation instructions - that's a sad decision Apple took. No matter how speedy it is - it stays a closed product - and that's an evolution only getting worse. If you are ok with that - that's fine.
My hardware is open and standard - or it's not. That's a hard choise but i'm sticking to that - and i may pay a price. But i do hope RiscV will be the future instead of ARM or x86-64. It may take 10 years - but it'll become more and more important. It'll start where ARM took of - inside devices, hard drives, ssd's, memory sticks and it'll grow (ARM licenses cost $'s). Look at the investors list.
Sometimes i had to do recovery of data on Apple hardware in the past - and i use linux for that (i almost use linux for everything) - sorry part of the controller is on the mainboard - that is soldered on board, the same for the memory - no extension possible unless on the very expensive toys perhaps. But Apple will do your recovery for you (i hope)? Or you can hope you can use thunderbolt to access the drive (thru DMA? does that still work - i have no idea?).
Learn about recovery - before you may need it. No matter the platform you're using.

I’m on my 3rd MacBook now, over a period of 12 years, not a single thing has ever gone wrong with the hardware, aside from a damaged screen after using my 2015 one for DJ work, it got fixed on my DJ insurance policy and is still working today, 7 years after I bought it.

As for recovery, isn’t that what Time Machine is for? Mine auto backs up to a time capsule each time I’m connected to our home Wi-Fi network, I can just rebuild the machine from a backup on there.

Maaaann, you must buy and/or build some pretty crappy PC systems to where you are that paranoid about something breaking.

Think about it...really think about it. There are tons of professionals that use these systems and many in mission critical work, do you really think they'd trust a system if it were that unreliable? If it needs constant repair?

I mean.. I just replaced the battery in my older MacBook and the wifi card, that crapped out after 10 years of use. I'm also able to replace the SSD if I wanted to, it's held in there with 1 screw..
How "closed" is it when I'm able to do that?

RAM is the only thing I can't do easily I think, as it's soldered RAM, (But I can just download more of the internet if I need more.) - And on the iMac I can easily change the RAM.

It also says something that this is the first time in 10 years that I even had to open up my MacBook. And never had to restore the IOS on it.

And even then.. apple has "time machine" a pretty robust system for backing up everything. Either through the cloud, wifi, harddrive, time capsule, etc.

None of that technical stuff matters to me. I am a user and what works for me is all that counts.

Another completely ignorant, blatantly trollish comment

No thanks, I've been in IT for 25+ years, and know enough to see a BS comment, I call a spade a spade. You claiming that needs me to grow up is another ignorant statement.

I have a mandatory mac for work (to compile some iOS apps), but... I'll never replace my portable workstation (dell precision 7760, with an i9, 4SSD slots, 64GB of ram and a RTX 3080) with a mac. I love to have the possibilty to upgrade my computers instead of buying a new one, that's what I did with my old Asus I had before this one. But the major problem for me is macOS, I know some people love it, but it doesn't work for me...

Ahh .... "Click bait" at it's finest.

Ah, trolling at it's finest

Is that what you call an "Intelligent reply" ....

As if yours was? SMH

I use all three operating systems. Each has it's own strength and weakness.

I use both Mac and PC (prefer PC), and have no issues relating to either.

Wow! Not long ago you were anti Mac if I remember right?

I remember that, but to be fair, I have respect for someone who is open to changing their minds. That’s especially true for strongly held beliefs. Much better than blindly doing things just because that’s the way it has always been done.

The touchpad/trackpad is the only one that really works, as far as my experience goes.

"Search" works better, could be better indexing, whatever.

I'm not a mac fan at all but these are two things I cannot deny about Apple products. The search function on mac OS just works. It finds any file you are looking for within seconds on any connected drive. The track pad is still THE best track on the market. Reliable and responsive with multiple control options.

Comparatively with windows machines The search function is near useless and is constantly using bing to search the web for stuff you are trying to find locally. I did an experiment and searched for a file that was on my desktop and the windows search could not or refused to find it. I was looking right at the file and it just would not find it. The track pads on windows laptops are generally really cheap and un-responsive. The best touch pads on windows machines comes from lenovo but even then they don't hold a candle to Apples touch pad.

I had to work mobile today (hospital car park for 3hrs with my laptop) and id forgotten just how woeful my Lenovo Thinkpad trackpad was, I love the computer itself but man I hate the trackpad and accompanying buttons. The MacBook trackpads even on my original 2010 one mean you rarely need a mouse, the ones on other device make you beg for one.

Yeeeeeeeeah I have 3 lenovo laptops. I too love the computers I absolutely hate their track pads. I always keep a wireless mouse with me lol. I bought a lenovo for my mom and she constantly complains about the track pad too hahaha. Even using a mouse on my thigh is better than using the track pad.

I’ve only got two and the T470 one is marginally better I think (it stays on my desk at work as a hub for configuring android terminals) but still poor in comparison. The older model (I think it’s T450) is one of those old skool textured things with 2 buttons above it and it’s woeful.

Like you say, a mouse on your arm or thigh or wherever does a better job.

--- "I did an experiment and searched for a file that was on my desktop and the windows search could not or refused to find it. I was looking right at the file and it just would not find it."

Years and years ago, I turned off Indexing because of that. From my tests, it was the indexing. The stupid thing couldn't find the file until it was indexed. lol. I hardly ever search for files so it's no big deal to have it off. And, even if had to search an entire hard drive starting at the root level, takes less than 1 min.

Woah heck yeah. Thanks for the tip! i'll try that out!

Try doing this on ANY Windows Laptop: edit 8K Canon ProRes wedding videos on a dual screen setup at any Cafe untethered with Davinci Resolve with 8 active nodes to create a 22 minute video while scrubbing with all effects on without proxies with very little frame skipping. Never thought I could with my MBP M1 Pro six days ago!

Having said that, I still render my Blender creations on my RTX 2070 rig, as well as work with the Unreal engine there.

Does blender render alright on a 2070?

Yes! Using both Cycles and Eevee

Nice! I've been wanting to learn blender and i have a 2070 non super so I've been wondering about how well it would work with that card. thanks for your input!

I have been using Windows since 3.1 but made the switch to Macs 12 months ago and will never go back.
The best feature, not mentioned here, is universal Control, to be able to move my cursor between my Mac mini, Airbook and iPad just blows my mind, drag and drop from one device to another seamlessly, all computers should have this one function if nothing else!

I've used Windows since 2.1. I now use both PC and Mac.

Build quality? Sorry but you have no idea how bad that is. I bought a 2017 MacBook Pro and keyboard was replaced once and screen twice. In Norway there is 5 years warranty by law. So it was all free but at 5 years I sold it. Don’t ever get a Mac and not have Apple Care in the US. And when it’s finished, sell it. I suppose up two 2015 they where stellar, but they make it so compact it’s getting fragile. I still use Mac, but it’s under warranty. I love it but look at it like an Italian car, nice but not the most reliable.

I went from apple to Microsoft surface pro three years ago for the touch screen and stylus. No regrets. Once you get used to a touch screen and stylus for photo editing you can't really give it up.

You put everything well together that I like as well.

I am a (very) long term Windows user and can't believe some things that are working as natural on the Mac. For example backup, yes there is Windows backup and there a great Windows backup solutions like Macrium Reflect ( https://www.macrium.com/reflectfree ) its free and works great. But on a Mac you have time machine and it just works if you connect a ssd or if you have any compatible NAS/Airport. It runs in the background and you just forget about it. You get a new Mac? just use Time Machine or Target Disk mode (https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/mac-help/mchlp1443/mac) and your new Mac looks exactly like your old one.

BTW, if you want to reinstall your Mac (M1) just hold your power button during boot and reinstall, for me there was no backup needed, after 30 minutes everything was there. Not the tiniest thing had to be reinstalled or reconfigured.

Another thing that I enjoy sometimes is Universal Control. With that you can just move your mouse to your iPad/Mac and work there with the same keyboard/trackpad. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT212757
You even can move files from device to the next one.

What I really miss is Robocopy. To copy huge file structures to a NAS is a pain with finder. I used Commander One before, but it seems its very unstable under M1 Macs. I switched now back to Carbon Copy Cloner, that works perfectly fine. But Robocopy is still my most favourite tool to copy files and for my point of view the fastest I ever used. Edit: I tried rsync on a Mac and it would not work as smooth and fas (actually it was very slow) as robocopy.

My backup system is using Robocopy. Been using for years.

Ever since a recent update, Time Machine has been useless for me. My mini stopped recognizing my NAS as a backup destination, even though I can still browse it using Finder. I went to Acronis on the Mac ... but it's not working on Windows 11. Can't win for trying.

You’re right in all, but Universal Clipboard? I don’t thing so. Even on IPhone you can’t copy more than 1 thing and if you don’t paste in about 5 minutes, forget it. Lock Screen and phone forgets.

I have no idea what you even mean. Android keeps up to 20 items in the clipboard after several days and restarts. Probably I don’t know how to use this CrApple

And one crucial thing your Macbook pro doesn't do att all compare to Win desktop..

1. You can not reconfigure or upgrade hardware

For that reason I will never buy iMac or Mac Studio over Win Desktop. Mac machines are put together to be stupidproof... For that reason you can not upgrade it as easy as win laptops

Have Macbook Pro M1 and Windows Desktop

….. and that is a valid point…. Or is it? How many users actually need to upgrade their computers? Precious few I would argue. I have a 2016 Macpro it can still run Photoshop and Lightroom and handle the pretty big uncompressed files from my A7R5. Ok it will struggle to edit native 8K, works fine with 4K, but how many people actually want or need to edit 8K? The notion of lack of a hardware upgrade path is a non argument as the vast majority of users will never have the need for an upgrade as the inherent power of macs future proofs them for the majority of tasks they will ever be asked to perform. Computers of today are vastly overpowered for the majority of tasks they are used to perform. Who needs to upgrade?
High powered gamers who will want to plug in the newest and fastest GPU are no reason to change policy on upgrades as they are a small specialised minority.
There is simply no need for a company like Apple to make their computers upgradable as it’s also a route for potential hardware issues. How many people do you know who have had to stare at a desktop side off with its guts visible scratching their heads unable to get their new super duper GPU working with their existing hardware.

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