An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Filters for Landscape Photography

Is landscape photography that one genre that you've always wanted to try?

Some people see landscape photography as something intimidating. This is mostly because of the use of relatively specialized gear. For any beginner who is curious about landscape photography and how certain visual effects are achieved, it can be quite intimidating to see the different kinds of accessories and gear that landscape photographers use specifically for the craft. While filters are not an absolute necessity for landscape photography, they are undoubtedly a very effective way of improving your photograph's visual design. 

This video is a crash course for understanding what the different kinds of filters individually do and talks about how using them in certain situations can be effective in making your landscape photos more appealing. In under 10 minutes, you should understand generally what each filter does and which situations they are generally for. Choosing filters for landscape photography is a very individualized process that should rely entirely on what the photographer wants to achieve. From slowing down and extending your exposures, intensifying contrast and reflections, or simply to balance the luminosity of parts of the frame, filters can definitely help you achieve a more masterfully done landscape image. 

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photano's picture

ND filters are not something to ever go cheap on, learned that lesson early on, do your research and spend wisely!

kam chowdry's picture

What is the best filter holder system for a wide angle lens? Specifically for Tamron 15-30mm. Benro FH150M2T1? Haida M15? Lee SW150 Mark II? Something else?

Nicco Valenzuela's picture

Ive tried the Benro its okay. The Haid M15 looks promising but I havent personally tried it. If you have the budget and are interested in a unique one, H&Y's magnetic filter system is quite an innovation too.