Aputure Just Released Two New Super Affordable LED Lights for Your Home Studio

Aputure is taking a step into the realm of more affordable home studio gear with the release of four new lights. This review checks out the brand new Amaran 100d and 200d, with bi-color versions also available.

Caleb Pike is clearly impressed by the amount of value that Aputure is packing into these lights and if you need further confirmation of the quality that they offer, you might also want to check out this review from Gerald Undone.

At such a low price, you’d expect a number of compromises and while build quality takes a hit, Bluetooth connectivity to the Sidus Link app is still included.

The Amaran 100d is available to pre-order on B&H Photo for $199, and while the new Aputure light is more expensive, it will offer stiff competition to the highly-regarded Godox SL-60 which is available for $134. 

If you don’t need battery power and you’ve no plans to cart the lights around, these lights seem like excellent options though of course be sure to check out Pike’s thoughts on where they might fall short.

Aputure is describing these new lights as a game-changer and Pike and Gerald both seem impressed. Will you be placing an order? Let us know in the comments below.

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Rick Rizza's picture

Meanwhile I use my 75€ a pair and included 2 light stand Neewer RGB LED light just fine and with tons of fun.

Wesley Brown's picture

I wonder if the fans are just too cheap on both of these units. Very possible spending a quick 10-30$ on a nice fan could help out with the noise

Ken Yee's picture

Sounds like the 200d has a fan with bad bearings?