Are These the Canon EOS R5 Mark II Specs?

Are These the Canon EOS R5 Mark II Specs?

Anticipation is growing that Canon will unveil the EOS R5 Mark II relatively soon, with its release expected a few months thereafter. And now, we have an intriguing set of specs to look at. 

Canon Rumors is reporting the following specs expected for the Canon EOS R5 Mark II, the follow-up to the company's highly popular workhorse, the EOS R5.

  • A 45-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, which Canon Rumors speculates to feature a stacked architecture
  • A 3.2-inch OLED screen with articulation
  • Likely elimination of the mechanical shutter
  • Upgraded continuous burst rate of 60 fps
  • Advanced AI-driven autofocus capabilities
  • Video capabilities include 8K raw and 4K recording at 120 fps

While these details are not confirmed, they are certainly quite reasonable and in line with both industry trends and the sort of features the company likely wants to address to keep pace with the likes of Sony and Nikon, who have made significant advances in things like burst rates, AI-powered autofocus, and eliminating mechanical shutters. Without a mechanical shutter, we could expect much faster readout speeds from the sensor, which should please anyone who deals with rolling shutter issues. And of course, faster burst speeds and better autofocus are always appreciated, while the stacked sensor design will improve image quality. Hopefully, we'll hear more soon!

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canon is at it worst things now days.

Dude you don't even have a profile image. This camera are above 99% photographs level anyway. Chill 🤣

> while the stacked sensor design will improve image quality

A stacked sensor can be (and usually is) used to give sensor a faster readout speed. But improving image quality is usually *not* a product of that. In fact, the opposite was true on at least in early stacked sensor designs, where it typically gave a loss in dynamic range. But I'm not sure it is so big of an issue today?

Speculations again... Nothing has been confirmed

The upcoming R1 could be a hint if a global shutter, or just the electronic version like Nikon does could became implemented. In case of the A9 or Z9 it come at a small cost, quality-wise, for those who need the high read-out speed.

Canon has two inherent problems. Firstly their reluctance to open up the mount to third party lenses and a recent admission they do that to lock people into Canon lenses only. Secondly is how long it takes for certain products to be released. Six years on from the introduction of RF and they still don't have a flagship camera and they don't even have a professional 35mm f1.4L yet either or a mid range 50mm f1.4.

Canon is still the #1 seller of digital cameras but they need to stop leading from behind. If the R5 Mk II (and eventually the R1) can't easily beat the competition after waiting this long, there's not much incentive to stick with Canon for a lot of photographers. Canon allowed themselves to get out-maneuvered on new camera tech and this isn't the first time.

Ive been "loyal" to Canon since my Canon T70 and A1 days, moved to a 20d, then 7d, stuck with that until i hopped onto full frame with a 5dsr and 5div. However i came to a cross roads and didnt like what Canon was throwing out. So I turned right. I only saw fujifilm gfx as my destination. A couple of lenses and a fringer adapter and i can continue using my ef lenses forever more.

Any good guesstimate on a release date?

R5 mk2 should be announced by Canon before the end of April... via CanonRumors