Are You Tired Of Your Pictures Looking Good? Buy The New Holga Digital Camera

Are You Tired Of Your Pictures Looking Good? Buy The New Holga Digital Camera

The original Holga camera was made in 1981 as an ultra-cheap medium format camera for families in China. 35mm film came out soon after destroying the 120 film market, but the Holga camera was then picked up in foreign markets by photographers looking for surrealistic, lo-fi looking pictures. This camera comes full circle today with the creation of the Holga Digital.

The Holga Digital currently has 21 more days on Kickstarter, but don't worry, the campaign has already been funded at over $200,000. This camera will be coming to market whether you like it or not. At around $100, this 8-megapixel camera certainly is priced right, but it still seems strange to me to pay extra money to carry around a bulky camera that can take purposefully bad images. You can easily put filters on your current cell phone pictures that make them blurry looking, super contrasty, and retro colored. At this rate we will soon be paying extra to carry around Zach Morris cell phones.

I'm going to start my own Kickstarter and I am going to bring back the greatest digital camera the world has ever known, the Sony Mavica. The hipsters will line up to unload their bank accounts for this "new technology."

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Chelsey Rogers's picture

I like how the in the campaign they have "actual photos taken by Holga Digital" - WHY would you want to claim them!?

Brian Downs's picture

Ahh the Mavica. One day I'm going to blow some money on one and see how the files hold up to modern editing software. Would love to try one out on an actual shoot.

The skin tones are superb

Matt Owen's picture

You're in luck. I have a Mavica listed on eBay, but it's the fancy one that takes mini CDs.

Brian Downs's picture

Too fancy. Floppy disk or bust! Gotta keep it under 2MP.

A friend had one when I entered college and it was hot stuff then. Oh, how far technology has come.

I actually have one with a case and floppy...I think it even has the manual! My husbands work used to use them oh...20 years ago? They were throwing out all the old stuff so he snagged it

Do we really need to go back to the 1990's? Who makes a computer with 3.5" floppy drives?
Okay, I do shoot film, but film has higher resolution than the Mavica.

Jason Ranalli's picture

"The hipsters will line up to unload their bank accounts for this "new technology."" - This made me nearly fall out of my chair.

This reminds me of the article I read somewhere about how hipsters are reviving the typewriter and bringing them out in public places(I've seen this first-hand).

Rob Mynard's picture

I wonder what happened to the Sony "Image Station" internet galleries and how many people put their images up on there as their only source of backup assuming that they would be there forever (much like the way people use facebook now)?

I think I paid about $800 for my Mavica. The sting had subsided a bit, until I saw this article.

If I was going to spend $100 on a camera that realistically I'd only use a few times. I'd rather buy a Bigshot (build it yourself, features a 3D mode, and has a crank to charge it, take that Holga). Or that new Kodak.