Atomos' New On-Set Monitor and Recorder Solution Will Help You Color Match From Set to Screen

Atomos is most known for their on-camera monitor/recorder solutions and while they do make other products it's never been a focus of theirs until now with their new NEON on set monitors.

Atomos​​​​​​​ has made a name for themselves at creating monitors and recorders that really push the boundaries on tech so far it's sometimes hard to tell if you can actually take advantage of all the features. They are continuing their effort to take control of the entire filmmaking workflow with new HDR monitor's of varying sizes and resolutions to support being on set monitors, as well as being used for on set DIT work, and even continuing all the way through to post production and with their partnership with Dolby Vision you know that what you see on the monitor is what the consumer will get.

The new NEON monitor/recorders range from 17 to 55 inches diagonally, and they are all HDR compliant, with full 10-bit color and can record up to 4K60 in ProRes RAW. The four monitors are specced slightly differently, which makes sense as different sizes have  different needs. This is Atomos​​​​​​​' first ever fully 10Bit monitor that they've made which is exciting.

The 17" model is 2K resolution, while the 24" model and 31" inch are both 4KDCI compliant at 4096 x 2160 and, finally, the 55" model is 4KUHD at 3840x2160. These monitors look like a fantastic end-to-end solution for anyone trying to keep their workflow from set to screen totally streamlined. The fact that all of the monitors are HDR and have recorders built in means that you can have backups being stored at different stations throughout the set for instant backups. 

There are a few things about these monitors that I find extremely curious. For example, all of the new NEON monitors are equipped with Bluetooth to connect to each other and an iOS app so, instead of fiddling with buttons or a touchscreen, you can adjust settings on the monitor from afar including Focus Assist, start/stop recording, and what overlays are shown on a per-monitor basis. 

The second thing that I find interesting is their new Master-Control-Unit which allows Atomos​​​​​​​ to upgrade these monitors to be able to handle 8K capture and beyond by replacing the "brain" of the monitor. Obviously this won't impact the resolution of the monitor but being able to future-proof your investment is brilliant. 

While pricing is not totally known, B&H has the Atomos​​​​​​​ NEON 17" starting at $3,999 without pricing for the other three models. It will be interesting how the market responds to these. Are you planning on buying these monitors? Or are you going to wait for the price to come down?

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Everywhere misspelled Atomos as Atmos in a supposed to be editor reviewed newspost ?
really ?

Really. Makes you question the facts of the whole article, doesn’t it?

Wow. So you're really gonna a misspell Atomos repeatedly?

Wow! Has pretty much everything I'd want in a monitor... and cheaper than a Flanders.

Pricing for the other models was on their website: