The CamRanger 2 Available for Pre-Order Now (Starts Shipping September 16th)

The CamRanger 2 Available for Pre-Order Now (Starts Shipping September 16th)

Originally released in 2012, the CamRanger has finally announced the CamRanger 2. Set to be released on September 16th, the wireless tethering device has added a variety of features including support for Sony and Fujifilm, an SD Card slot, and dual-band Wi-Fi. The starting price is $349.

Tethering has become a staple for many photographers, but for most that means a 15' bright, orange cord connected to a laptop. With wireless tethering, all you need is a phone or tablet to connect to your camera. This is perfect for on-location when a laptop may be a little too unwieldy, but an iPad is better suited. Now with the updated CamRanger 2, the wireless workflow might be too good to ignore.

New Features

  • Fujifilm and Sony compatibility (not available in older models)
  • Built-in SD card slot (SD/SDHC/SDXC Card compatibility)
  • 500 ft range (150 ft in original and 400 ft in mini)

  • 300 Mbps 802.11n 2.4 GHz network (60 Mbps throughput)

  • 433 Mbps 802.11ac 5 GHz network (180 Mbps throughput)

  • Bridge into existing Wi-Fi networks

  • Approximately 5 hrs battery life (5-6 in original, 3 in mini)
  • Replaceable 3300 mAh Lithium Ion Battery (2000 mAh in original and internal 1800 mAH in mini)
  • Charge in device with USB micro: 5V 2A, or with external charger

CamRanger has also released a new app with new features including:

  • Barcode scanner workflow (iOS & Android)
  • Photobooth app (iOS)
  • Auto share/save/transfer images
  • Social media upload (iOS & Android)
  • Edit and crop images (iOS)
  • Image comparison (iOS)
  • Multiple camera control (macOS & Windows)

Pre-order the Camranger 2 Here for $349. Read Fstoppers' reviews of the Mini and Original.

With these new features, the CamRanger 2 will surely be a great addition for many photographers. Do you plan on picking one up? Have you used any of these previous models? Let us know in the comments below!

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David Justice is a commercial beauty photographer in New York City.

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Not a bad price. I designed and built a device with similar features using an NVidia TX2 for image processing. Much more expensive. The Camranger 2 may be worth the few bucks it costs.

I’ve loved the idea of the CamRanger and have flirted with getting one in the past, but I just didn’t think it had everything I needed. Especially for batteries, if this is really the size of a AA battery and can be replaced with such, that will be huge for my purchasing decision.

But now I think the transfer speed might be good enough to switch over. I use CaptureOne now with regular tethering and it’s instant. Especially compared to Lightroom. I’m just worried about going back to Lightroom speeds.

For me who shoots tethered 99% on a tablet and C1 a camranger doesn't really offer anything really apart from remote live view maybe. Which is a redundant feature for my work.

What is your table tethering setup, Paul Lindqvist?

Surface Pro 4

Hey Paul Lindqvist what mount setup is that? I see the RRS logo on the attachment to the tripod but what is the rest of it? I like to shoot tethered in the studio to my laptop but this seems like an easier setup.

It's a couple of different parts I put together for a mobile tether setup.

You can read about all the parts here:

Nice setup. I almost went that route and then realized I had a suction cup mount for cameras on automobiles. It works great for the Surface.
You can buy the Fat Gecko for half the cost of the Tethertools and then you have a cool accessory for car shots. The triple suction cup is still less than the Tethertools, but would be monstrously large on a Surface.

Nice Idea, but I'd take the aero tab over a suction cup any day of the weak, the cost of the aero tab is nothing in the context of this setup.

Besides, I use the arm for other devices such as controllers, LCD monitors, etc. Which a gecko would be useless for.

Yeah nice setup. I do only 1% tethered but important when I do. Having a think about whether I can construct a DIY tablet clamp for my tripod.

What kind of tripod do you have? If you have a sturdier alu model you can use a 035 clamp a friction arm and tether table or similar. I did that a couple of years back for the times when I did not want to haul an extra tripod for just the laptop.

A bit clunky and not as mobile and lightweight to set up as the one I use today but works as a start and the inspiration to create the setup I use now.

Right, thanks will look into that. I have an alu pod, should work. Bonza

The remote live view is a fantastic feature for styling a scene—if you need to do so.

For that, I use monitors directly from the camera or the computer. Never had a situation that a remote live view would help me.

Ha, well there you go. Found a stretchy velcro strap in the cupboard, I think it's a knee support.
Wrapped it around the neck of the tripod and bingo, a simple and secure tablet holder. Sure it doesn't look flash, but total cost zero. Booyah!

As to why - my 7D does not auto focus during video and last week we were interviewing the Costa Rica Ambassador and I was doing camera duties includng b-roll.

It's near impossible to manually focus off the back screen. Also really hard to judge things like whether you have a good DoF and lighting etc.

PS wireless would be much better but I don't have that and I'm on a strict budget.

LOL not gonna happen.. but if it works for you go for it.. :-)

For video wireless live view makes little to no sense, most people (including me) uses an external monitor or a recorder which has both focusing and exposure aids.

This sounds like a good solution as I don't really take a laptop around with me for traditional tethering and I do have an iPad, but I'm really going to need to wait and see about the performance. My camera tethers to the iPad directly, but the lag is so severe that it's virtually unusable. Hopefully, this would solve that.

What app are you using to do a wired tether?

It's wireless with the Fuji app, but the lag is terrible. Probably because they didn't invest much in the BT/wifi chip in the camera itself.

Oh I misunderstood you... Yeah the fuji app is pretty terrible. It has gotten a lot better, but its still very basic. Canon's app isnt much better. The wireless stuff in every camera I've used (aside from smartphones) are so slow, finicky and awkward to pair and use it's usually not worth it. Looking forward to seeing how well CamRanger 2 works.

Very rarely do I need to trigger/tether my camera wirelessly if ever, so I won't run out and buy one. But it's nice to see better support for cameras in version 2.

I've been using Shuttersnitch for iOS for years since i rarely have the need to do anything more than view the images on larger screens for clients. and now that the new ipads support 4k monitors, if i need something larger, i nca just plug one into a monitor. I bring my own router which sits on the cart, or at "home base" so there's not a huge camranger attached to my camera. and also the range is much greater. I've literally sent images over 1000ft to an ipad, granted it was in a farm field with no other wifi nearby. i just cant bring myself to attach these giant things to my camera with cords, etc. I already have an L bracket, i dont want extras.

Huge.. giant...? I guess you can't use a flash trigger either since that would be humongous?

I would typically have a flash trigger on, yes. so then it's the trigger, and then another thing with a cord at the left. vs nothing while using the built in wireless, or at most, the small, weather sealed 1dx2 dongle. Yes, i understand there's a lot more functionality with the cam ranger vs just sending jpegs to an ipad, but like i said, i rarely have to utilize any of that functionality.

So then you have a huge giant flash trigger. LOL Sure if you can live with jpeg's on an iPad cam ranger offers nothing I guess. But most people would not deter from the camranger due to its size and weight. In the context, it's neither huge or giant.

It would be the largest thing out of what i mentioned that I'd have attached to my camera. It's all relative. also, with cords and another battery. I cant tell you how many times cords are the source of errors on set. That's why there are choices. I'd chose to have the lowest profile option to get images onto an ipad. I agree that for most people, it would be fine, but i was stating what works for me. What some consider uncommon situations when shooting, i find very common. When I'm running around a waterpark shooting for example, cords and the camranger that are not weather sealed would be a disadvantage. Or in a live surgery, or running down a dock near water, in an underwater housing, or on a boat going 45mph, etc, etc. I recognize my needs aren't common, but again, i was stating my own experiences. cords and extra pieces are a distadvantage and a point of failure that ive experiences over and over, so i opt for something cleaner whenever i can.

I’m also a very satisfied, long term user of Shuttersnitch on an iPad (iOS app only - now it’s subscription based as the developer is trying to make a living from this well-supported app, but I’ve been using it from when it was a one-off cost).
Since ditching the flash sync cord for wireless triggering I was reluctant to go back to a USB cable for tethering. I tried Eyefi cards with limited success but once Canon installed WiFi in their bodies and I discovered Shuttersnitch it’s been a Godsend.
Shooting digital is great, but the Polaroid experience was missing (even with the camera screens getting so good). Now anyone involved in the shoot can flick through images as they’re being shot, zoom in, tag favourites, add an overlay to check layout shape, etc.... I shoot raw plus medium jpeg - the jpeg transfer is speedy and all that’s required on set.
I know that Camranger has some amazing extra functionality so I’ll be interested in checking out the new version also.

I have and have loved using the first one. Very curious to try this.
I never buy stuff before I can have it though. This ‘pre-order’ lark. So, patient I will be.

I have the old Camranger with 4 batteries (from the original TP Link which stopped working under iOS) plus the TP Link as charger. And it is a livesaver.
We have been shooting many different setups with many 2 film units and 3 photo units on a big film set and Camranger with iPad was the only way to go for speed and flexibility. No cables which could potentially be a harzard for the other crew members, the extras and our equipment. We used it with a Nikon D850 and Z7. The small footprint is perfect.

But I am eager to get this one because we also have a Fuji in our setup and we would finally be able to use it. The greater Wifi range is also very good. The only thing I am concerned is battery life because mirrorless cameras are supposed to suck more energy out of the device.

I'm waiting on user reviews and demos on this unit. But, this looks like something I might want to get since using a GFX. That is if apple and adobe lets us be wire tethered.

I'm looking forward to reading a few reviews to see how it compares to the original one. The idea is great but.... the original one was not a robust, fast, or user friendly as I had hoped and have fallen back to just using "the orange wire".
Thanks David

I am using the CamFi Pro Plus for quite some time now and I am very satisfied. You can get it for arround $ 340,- and it is compatible with a lot of cameras. See at It is a small company. They do not seem to have a great budgett for adverticement. The app runs on PC and phone/tablet. On PC you can in addition just use it as exchange to the USB-cable and run your preferred app like lightroom or camera conrtol (Nikon). I have experiance with Nikon (D5, D850 and Z6). This looks interesting. I have been really happy with my Tether Tools Air over the years

I ordered the CamRanger 2 to use it with my Fuji GFX 50s.To set the item was very easy, but the product is not functioning properly from the first moment.I contacted the CamRanger support and got the feeling that the people at the CamRanger have not service orientated people.The product is working with my second camera Sony A7R3 but I didn't buy it to use with Sony.So it is very annoying to buy an expensive product but not enjoy with it even one second.I am very disappointed especially from the after sell services.