Canon Is Continuing to Fill Out Its Mirrorless Lens Lineup at a Rapid Pace

Canon Is Continuing to Fill Out Its Mirrorless Lens Lineup at a Rapid Pace

Though they came to the full frame mirrorless party a little later than Sony, Canon has been putting out some top-shelf glass as of late. It seems they're showing no signs of stopping, as we can expect quite the bevy of high quality mirrorless lenses in 2020.

Canon Rumors is reporting that Canon is planning to release three new L series prime lenses for their mirrorless mount early next year, including a 24mm f/1.4L and 135mm f/1.8L lens, along with a macro lens with some sort of unique capability. These are not the only lenses Canon is planning for next year, however, and we'll likely see quite a few released for the RF mount next year. Wide aperture, medium telephoto lenses have been quite popular the last few years, with Sony's 135mm f/1.8, Sigma's 105mm f/1.4 and 135mm f/1.8, and Nikon's 105mm f/1.4 all generating quite a bit of buzz and generally receiving very positive reviews. Thus, it's not surprising to see Canon planning their own version. The EF 135mm f/2L is one of their most loved lenses, even as old as it is, and if the company can capture its same magic along with some modernization and updates, it should have quite a successful lens on its hands. Either way, 2020 looks to be an exciting year for Canon mirrorless shooters. 

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Daniel Lee's picture

It's impressive how fast they are pushing out lenses. The fact is both Canon and Nikon have native compatibility with their previous mounts so it's a different situation to when Sony was starting out with the E mount.

Like new R cameras already available on the used market...will wait for at least the d.s version of the 85mmL

Mike Stern's picture

I wouldnt be so optimistic about this already, and would title this more realistically:
Canon wants to close the gap of their lens line up.
Let’s not forget, both Canon and Nikon have significant delay in coming in to the market. And are both suffering from not being able to provide native lenses to their mirrorless systems. That’s more like the situation here. It is a problem and will only be fixed in years, so I would hold horses on using words like rapid pace etc.
Mirrorless market is owned by sony, Fuji, Oly and Panny who were smarter on the subject for at least until others complete their decent lens line up.

"Canon Is Continuing to Fill Out Its Mirrorless Lens Lineup at a Rapid Pace"

what has changed since 2 weeks ago that makes this a "rapid pace"?

you guys make stuff up as you go along.

Justin Punio's picture

Canon need a Pro mirrorless body now

It does seem Canon is following their DSLR historical path. Lag a bit behind on the bodies but produce the best glass.

Kirk Darling's picture

That even happened with their autofocus systems in the 80s--best glass before best bodies.

David Pavlich's picture

I don't know about now, but they really shouldn't wait too long.

Azael Martinez's picture

Sony needs to come out with more G Master lenses, at this rate I think Canon will close the gap in 2020

right now, there are only 3 high end (GM equivalent) L lenses, 28-70, 85 1.2 and 50 1.2. The rest are announced and will be released later on this year. Lastly, one of those announced lenses, is just a version of one of the lenses. (85 1.2 DS)

So far, from the release of the R mount, Sony has made available the same number of lenses 400 2.8 (announced earlier) 135 1.8 and 24 1.4 GM. Although I belive sony is slowing down right now a bit.Maybe because they're overrun with demand on some lenses like the 24 1.4 (still no availability after 8 months)

Ryan Stone's picture

The 28-70 f2 has no equivalent and the 50/85 are Otus level (with autofocus) for half the price. Don’t compare them to Sony glass, they have character and are sharper wide(r) open.

Also, didn’t the Sony 24 just come out after like 5 years?

Kirk Darling's picture

I still think Canon needs to simply port over a good portion of their EF lenses to RF to get that line filled out quickly. Hell, if they do nothing but just start selling EF lenses with free control ring adapters...that would do.

Tom Reichner's picture

The pace actually seems slow to me.
I will be impressed when they finally have a full complement of specialty lenses in the R mount. When they have a full arsenal of true 1:1 macro lenses, a nice battery of tilt/shift lenses, and sundry supertelephoto lenses of 500mm and above - then I will feel like they have done something significant.

Black Rock's picture

Sony has already had LA-EA 4 for two years.

Yawn, that was two years ago.