Canon EOS R3 Now Listed on B&H Photo: What Else Do We Know?

Last month, Canon teased us with the R3, offering some incredible features while keeping many of its specifications under wraps. Since then, pricing rumors spread, leaked photos emerged, and the product listing has just gone live. Based on Canon’s history all of this gives us a few more insights into what might be in store.

Tony Northrup has dug into the details, analyzing the leaked product photos and pricing rumors to tell us what we might be able to expect from the R3. Northrup was right about it being listed by retailers as the product page has just appeared on B&H Photo, with evidence now emerging that the rumors were correct: it will cost $6,000. 

A screengrab from Google's search results. Adorama's product listing doesn't state the price, but Google has managed to sift this data from somewhere.

With the pricing and speed, I’d be inclined to agree with Northrup's speculation regarding sensor resolution, particularly as that leaves space for the eventual appearance of the R1, whenever that comes to market. $500 cheaper than Canon’s own 1DX Mark III (not to mention Sony’s flagship, the a1), it will be interesting to see how the R3 compares as the 1DX was only released in January last year. Canon now has to transition news and sports shooters to mirrorless presumably without having too great an impact on its flagship DSLR sales. Were the 1DX a year or two older, this would be less of a concern.

Do all of these assumptions make sense to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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I had already watched Tony's video about the R3, even before seeing this article. It was actually his 2nd video about the R3, as he did one earlier last week.

I love Tony's videos about camera bodies, as he explains his reasoning very thoroughly and is usually right with most of his predictions. I feel like I learn more about a new camera body from a Northrup video than I do from watching anybody else's video. Big thumbs up to Tony and Chelsea, every time.

Tony is clickbait, clueless.

What a cogent argument you make.

jim blair is clickbait, clueless.

Not one word on resolution.