What New Cameras Can We Expect To See From Canon in 2021?

What New Cameras Can We Expect To See From Canon in 2021?

Canon made some huge releases during 2020 but what does the Japanese giant have lined up for for 2021? Five new bodies are thought to be in the works so here's an idea of what to expect.

The EOS R5 and R6 dominated much of the headlines last year and for good reason: 2020 was the year that Canon’s full frame mirrorless cameras reached maturity, allaying concerns that the manufacturer would struggle to match Sony’s progress. It’s thought that 2021 will see a batch of five cameras from Canon, ranging from flagship beasts through to entry-level offerings. Canon Rumors has put together a list based on the information it has received and Canon News has offered some thoughtful insights.

The mooted flagship R1 is thought to be on the horizon and Canon might be keen to get it into photographers’ hands before the Tokyo Olympics kicks off on July 23. As Canon News notes, this is likely to be similar in its ergonomics to the 1DX Mark III in order to offer a seamless transition for the countless news and sports shooters shooting for agencies around the world. The 1DX Mark III is already an impressive mirrorless camera once you lock the mirror out of the way, so it will be interesting to see where Canon seeks to build on its existing technology. Canon News has further thoughts so be sure to check them out.

A high-resolution version of the R5 is also thought to be close, with many assuming that it will feature twice the megapixels. As a photo-centric camera, video capabilities will not even begin to compare to the 8K of the R5.

The question as to whether Canon will release an APS-C RF camera continues but this 7D-style body is on the list. Quite what this means for the EOS-M range of cameras remains to be seen, but those talking of it being killed off might want to keep in mind that the EOS M50 was Japan’s second best selling camera in 2020. In white, too.

Two entry-level RF cameras are expected, potentially taking the “Rebel” name into Canon’s mirrorless line. Canon will be keen to keep prices low to help grab photographers as they start their camera journey with the intention of keeping them within the Canon ecosystem. It will be fascinating to see if Canon opts to go with APS-C, but the rumors seem to be leaning towards full frame.

What would you like to see from Canon this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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Personally I would of liked to of seen a Canon 5DsR Mark II but that won't be happening now.

Truth be told I would not buy a new camera this year anyway, makes better sense to hold on the the £

Stay FF for the Rebel line. Make smaller lenses. If a 7D replacement with RF APSC body do not make crop lenses. Keep the RF full frame to keep the superiority over cellphones in image quality. Make the Rebel cameras with the cellphone bells and whistles and connectivity.

I would like to see a full-frame camera that is cheaper than the R6, and uses DIGIC X. Canon would need an RF-mount cash cow, the EOS RP is too limited for me (mainly because of the smaller battery)